Marketo’s First Chief Revenue Officer: Practicing What We Preach

As our customers and industry partners know, we practice what we preach here at Marketo. Our announcement today that Paul Albright has joined Marketo as our first Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is yet another example of applying the best practices of Revenue Performance Management to drive outsized growth.

To say we are excited to have Paul join our team is an understatement. He is a long-time Silicon Valley veteran with an exceptional track record of success in helping to build and lead major technology companies, including SuccessFactors, Network Appliance, SeeCommerce, and Informatica.

As Marketo’s CRO, Paul will develop and implement a unified revenue growth strategy that will further expand our sales and marketing performance across multiple platforms. Working closely with two of the best sales and marketing leaders on the planet, Bill Binch and Jon Miller respectively, he and his team already have begun looking at ways to grow revenue with a long-term perspective, rather than a short-term horizon. Using Marketo’s own tools, they are measuring and analyzing our productivity and effectiveness and exploring additional strategies and processes that will have the greatest positive impact on the company’s already strong growth.

Adopting the CRO role for Marketo is something I have thought a lot about. Last December, I even blogged on the subject. My view has been that companies are hiring CROs for varying reasons – some very good, some probably not so good. In my view, going the CRO route should not be just about introducing a trendy new title within your organization. Fundamentally, it must be anchored in a well-considered strategy that drives every aspect of your revenue creation process.

The addition of Paul Albright to our team as CRO is a core strategic move for which the time has come for Marketo. Our company already has an extraordinarily efficient revenue engine, as evidenced by the growth numbers we are putting on the board each month, quarter and annually. As we announced recently in our year-end results news release, last year Marketo grew its revenue by an incredible 315 percent year over year. In fact, we are growing as fast as any of the best known public SaaS companies did during their early years.

Since our inception, Marketo has been on a journey to incite a revenue revolution to help corporations raise the bar on how they create, manage, and grow revenue. Achieving this major strategic goal on behalf of our customers – and Marketo – requires an experienced, exceptional leader. Someone who understands the dynamics of both sales and marketing and can help transform how they work – and work together – at every critical step in the revenue-generation process. With Paul’s extensive experience on both sides of the revenue fence, we are primed to achieve this vision in a big way.

All of us at Marketo are thrilled about Paul joining our team as CRO. I’ve never been more excited about the future of Marketo and the global Revenue Performance Management industry that we have helped to launch and are now leading.  Welcome to the revolution!