Marketing Features in Winter 10

Once again has delivered a great set of new features for Marketers in the Winter 10 release.  You will see that you are using the new release because your system will have a new image at the top left of your home page of a snowman with the number 10 in his hands.  If you are still catching up from the last release check out this post on Marketing features from Summer 09
New Campaign Features:
Campaign Scoreboard is a new feature that provides two benefits- Campaign Summaries and Dynamic Campaign Viewing.  The first, Campaign Summaries, allows users to summarize information for any fields you create so can view campaign results without leaving the campaign module.  You will do this by creating campaign roll-up summary fields, but are limited to creating 5 per campaign.

Salesforce Campaign Summaries

The second, Dynamic Campaign Viewing, allows users to create custom fields on different record types.  This means you can create campaign member record types and assign them using the Campaign Member Type field on new or existing campaigns.  To use this, create different campaign record types for each of your different types of marketing programs, like email, webinars, direct mail, tradeshows, and website/landing pages.  The Campaign Summaries will also benefit those using Dynamic Campaign Viewing because you can summarize campaign reports using campaign member type.

The new Campaign Assistant offers marketers the ability to upload 50,000 records at one time into a campaign, and can now map to custom campaign fields.  In addition, you can now run campaign member workflows, triggers, and validation rules upon import of a campaign using the campaign member import and update wizards.  You will also be able to run workflows, triggers, and validation rules for leads created via web-to-lead. 

Updates to the currency field in campaigns will benefit orgs using multiple currencies.  This is more relevant than ever since marketers may wish to use to track events like seminars that may have a registration fee. 

New Email Features include:

  • You can now choose if Salesforce will notify the sender when a mass email has sent.
  • The Mass Mail Merge Wizard has been updated so you don’t have to select records one page at a time.  Instead, you can now select records and move to the next page to select more records without the previous page’s records being unselected. 
  • The system now allows you to truncate email body text, body HTML, and attachments to 100,000 characters to allow email services to accept larger emails.
  • There is improved bounce routing for email services since you can route error email messages to a specified email address instead of notifying the sender. 

New Dashboard Features:
Salesforce dashboards are often used by marketers to share results with their organization.  They are now improved with Dashboard Microscope.  This new feature allows you to hover over a chart in the dashboard and see details without having to click through to the report.   Additionally, you can now prevent small amounts of data from being grouped into an “Other” category at your discretion.    Also, charts can now be combined so you can feature two different chart types on one chart, plus you can pick colors to make sure that certain chart elements are always the same color even on different charts. 

Salesforce Dashboard Winter 10

New Social Media Features:
Promoted as part of the service cloud, the new Salesforce for Twitter application is a big win for marketers.  Though this managed app takes a little time to install and customize, you will be able to search Tweets, bring them into you CRM, and then attach them to lead records, capturing both the Tweet and the Twitter name. 

Finally, sites now have Google Analytics support which means you can use Google for web analytics without code. 

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