Lessons from Sales and Marketing Revenue Masters

Since the idea of Marketo popped into the minds of Marketo’s founders, Jon Miller and Phil Fernandez, marketing accountability was at the center of their thoughts. While many marketers think about reporting and analytics as necessary evils, Jon and Phil think about how properly measuring campaign success and capturing which lead sources are likely to turn into won deals allows marketers to get credit for all their hard work, providing visibility past the marketing department through to the sales department and even into the boardroom.

This has lead to lots of discussions in the marketing department about the best ways to measure results to ensure marketing gets credit for their contributions to the pipeline. To no-one’s surprise, these discussions could not be contained in Marketo’s four walls, and instead we began talking to CMOs, demand generation managers, thought leaders, and analysts about their best practices for marketing accountability. What we found is some people really ‘got it’. They were creating success for themselves by creating visibility into their revenue contributions. Internally at Marketo we began to call these people “The Revenue Masters.”

These Revenue Masters all have a few things in common.  Their best practice include:

  • Providing proof about the revenue they generate for the organization as part of their reporting.
  • Creating marketing forecasts that are used to help set objectives and provide company leadership with a strategic look of what’s coming.
  • Developing campaigns that don’t run just to cross off tactics on a list- everything from search marketing through paid campaigns must be driving brand recognition and qualified leads for the organization.
  • Ensuring sales and marketing alignment is more than just a gobbledygook word.
  • Treating leads as high value assets of the company.  Though they also know that a name on a list and a lead are very different things and don’t deserve equal attention from sales.
  • Creating clear goals for social media instead of just using it as a megaphone.

Unfortunately, learning everything you need about becoming a Revenue Master can’t be done in a brief blog post.  A great way to develop these skills is to learn from the masters themselves. To help with this I have put together one of the most robust marketing webinar series ever, highlighting best practices from over 20 Revenue Masters.

The series topics will range from “How B2B Companies Generate Revenue Through Search and Social Media” to “Rules for Revenue Mastery: What the CEO Needs from Marketing.” Every sales rep, marketing professional, and executive should be able to find the right webinar to help drive their revenue success.

Be sure to check out this series of webinars if you are ready to become a Revenue Master.