There’s Always a Time for Preferences

Following up on David Daniels’ discussion on what preferences to know about your subscribers, Chip House spoke on when marketers can capture preferences.  Of course, a natural place to start capturing preferences is at the time of opt-in.   The opt-in moment is great time to ask a subscriber about their category and product interests, the frequency they’d like to receive messages, their location and any other info specific to your business that will enable you to send more relevant messages. Don’t stop capturing preferences after opt-in though.   You can increase the effectiveness of your marketing programs by appending your subscribers’ preferences over time.  Every interaction a subscriber has with your business is an opportunity to build more preference data on that subscriber’s file.

  • Did a subscriber talk with your sales team or customer support team?  – What info did they provide that tells you more about their preferences?
  • Did a subscriber visit your website?  – What pages did they view and what does that tell you about their preferences?
  • Did a subscriber just tweet about your business?  – What does this tweet tell you about the subscriber’s preferences?

Your subscribers are leaving digital info about their preferences all over cyberspace.  The more you can build programs to capture this info and intelligently classify it into preferences the more relevant you will be.  And we all know what more relevance means…