Design for Email Deliverability

I recently read an article by Karen Gedney of ClickZ. It’s not the latest article out there, but it does a great job explaining how B2B companies should design their email for deliverability.

The key point from the article? Keep it simple!

Tips include:

  • Avoiding Flash: Because embedded flash doesn’t work consistently with most email clients, you can forgo using flash and other design elements.
  • Avoiding JavaScript: Most email clients disable JavaScript as a security precaution. It’s best to leave it out to avoid clients seeing a warning.
  • Using “absolute” links. Be sure to code your links so the email client can recognize where it is going. If you do not do this, links and images are more likely to break.
  • Not linking images used elsewhere. Because of human error, it’s best to not use images that are linked somewhere else on your website. The web designer could replace or delete these images, causing them not to display properly.

I point this out because email deliverability is more than just avoiding being marked as spam.  It is the compilation of many things, including: building quality lists, good lead management practices, reputation management, authentication and email design.