Fast and Furious Feature Releases – A Marketo Community Update

On December 6, 2010, Marketo launched its revamped customer community on the platform to give our customers the ability to:

  • Get product answers quickly
  • Connect and share resources with other Marketo peers
  • Suggest features for the Marketo Roadmap

It’s been exactly two months since the launch of the community and a lot of really amazing things have happened.  Across the board, we have seen our numbers more than double – visits, page views, searches, and overall activity.  Customers can now keep track of ideas that they submitted and know exactly when we are starting to develop them for release.  We have already have released six customer feature requests and currently are working on 14 more, to be released soon.

We are moving fast and furiously to continue releasing features to make the community even better.  Friday, February 4th marked the release of our profiling capability.  Customers can now upload photos, share their biography and social networking links, and view all of their own (and others’) previous community activity.  This is a big step forward in our goal of connecting Marketo users and giving them the tools to create high performing revenue machines!