5 Tips For Better B2B Email Marketing

Stefan Tornquist from MarketingSherpa and I recently hosted a webinar all about helping marketers increase the results from their B2B email marketing campaigns.

This webinar is packed full of great tips, including:

  1. Newsletter offers still work best for getting opt-ins (when you take Volume and Quality of opt-ins into account).  Free Trials / Downloads get the most opt-ins.
  2. Newsletter subscribers are 22% more likely to enter the purchase cycle than other forms of opt-ins.
  3. 64% of decision makers view email on mobile devices, so be sure to optimize for those devices.
  4. Don’t put multiple "Call to Action" links in an email or newsletter.  One Action got the best click through rate; two Actions are OK, but more than that and CTR goes down dramatically.
  5. Using customer  behaviors to trigger emails dramatically increases relevance and response rates. According to Jupiter Research, compared to untargeted broadcast emails, using web activity data raises open rates by up to 50% and conversion rates more than 350%.

There are even more tips in the full webinar, which is now available on-demand (after a short registration).

B2B Email Marketing Webinar - Watch Now

Watch Now: B2B Email Marketing Webinar with MarketingSherpa.

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