Lessons from Marketo User Summit 2010

At Marketo’s 2nd user summit I started a contest to share what attendees were learning at the event.  It was a great way to capture the voice of over 600 attendees, all who had great ideas to share.  We were not asking people to Tweet out positive things about our product, or share our new product announcements, but instead were asking our users to share what they were learning with our customers, partners, and friends who couldn’t be at the event.  We appreciated all who tweeted, including those that shared feedback about how the event could be better, but wanted to make special mention of those that shared what they were learning with the community with a few prizes.

To those that Tweeted or blogged suggestions for future events we definitely listened.  While the feedback was almost all positive, we learned a few things.  We will work on better internet access next year and will make sure there are power cords available both days of the event.  We are considering changing the time of year for the event to be more sales and marketing friendly, trying to find a time that is not full of tradeshows and other sales and marketing events.  We may even change this contest, asking those to mark their tweets as contest related, even though we weren’t asking anyone to say positive things about us.  You’ll also see birds-of-a-feather lunches, better locations of social media screens, and even more educational tracks at future events.  This event is for you and we are definitely listening.  (Feel free to email any ideas to me – maria (at) marketo (dot) com.)

Blogging during Marketo User Summit

Because we didn’t receive any photo submissions during the event (Andrew searched hard for some pics delaying this post- sorry), we are going to give two prizes for blog posts.

The first goes to Howard Sewell who did a great blog post about what he learned at the Marketo User Summit.  As someone who is a Marketo pro I was not surprised to see his post, but he captured 21 great tips about how to use Marketo to the fullest in his post.  Any Marketo user who missed taking some notes or who couldn’t attend the event should definitely check out his 21 tips.  Thanks for helping us all learn to use all the features of Marketo, Howard!

Our second goes to Barbra Gago who did a great overall summary of the event.  From capturing her favorite tweets to sharing some highlights from sessions, this post will serve as a memory of the summit for those who attended, and gives a great overview to those who could not.

A post worth honorable mention was Mac McConnell’s post on the BlueBird Strategies Blog.  He had a quote in his post that can’t go without repeating: “Marketing will soon become the go to predictor of future results. Currently sales holds this role by looking at a complex calculation of sales pipeline and probability of deal close. Imagine a company where the conversion ratios are so well known that the CEO comes to marketing to ask how many inquiries were generated last month so that she can know how many deals will close three months from now.”

And a final honorable mention goes to Christine Olivas from the GannettLocal Blog where I read some empowering words: “Marketing needed to play a bigger role in the success of our sales team. Simply creating potential customers and sending them “over the fence” wasn’t creating a foundation for sustainable, scalable revenue growth. We needed to “warm” incoming leads so that our interactions with prospects were more productive and mutually beneficial.”

There were many other great posts including summaries by TopRrank Marketing (thanks Adam), Datarati (thanks Will!), Compendium (thanks Ken!), and the LeadSloth Blog (thanks Jep!).

Tweeting during Marketo User Summit

There were many great tweets during the event, so choosing one wasn’t easy.  I choose a simple, but powerful one.  It was retweeted many times and really resonated with those at the conference.  It simply stated that a recurring theme of the event was that Marketing = Revenue Generation.  While it is hard to be educational in 140 characters, I believe this is inspirational.   Whether you attended the event or not, if you are a marketer I truly hope you feel this way.  I believe marketers work as hard as or harder than other departments at many organizations, but often don’t receive the credit they deserve (or the paychecks).  If you have tools like Revenue Cycle Analytics getting credit should be easier than ever before.  If you don’t you need to find ways to prove your value and get celebrated for your hard work.  (And I promise that doesn’t mean by creating reports that share open rates, retweets, or leads generated. )

The winning Tweet: zorian, Oct 14, 9:12am via Twitter for iPhone
Recurring theme: “Marketing = Revenue Generation”#mus10 #marketing #cmo #ceo

An honorable mention for our favorite Tweet goes to Mac McIntosh who shared a similar tweet about revenue marketing.  B2B_Sales_Leads, Oct 14, 9:52am via Mobile Web
The mantra of Revenue marketers: Campaigns to cash

Thank you to everyone who shared what they learned throughout the event.  We truly value you as customers and friends, and appreciate you sharing your learnings and ideas with other sales reps and marketing pros.

Each of the winners will have a choice of a Pico Pocket Projector, Apple TV, or LiveScribe Smartpen.  Those with honorable mention will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.  We appreciate you and thank you for sharing your marketing tips with your friends and followers.  The more we celebrate sales and marketing together, the bigger our voice will be.  Happy Revenue Generating!

PS- Don’t forget to check out the slides from the presentations on Slideshare and some of the photos from the event on our Marketo Facebook Page.