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Revenue Performance

Revenue generation is the most expensive function at most companies, and arguably the most inefficient. With blog posts, videos, and executive interviews, Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez shows how companies can transform the way marketing and sales work – and work together – to improve revenue performance.

Modern B2B Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing shares fresh thinking about everything today’s B2B marketer needs, from social media and content marketing, to lead generation and lead nurturing, to optimizing interactions at every stage of the revenue cycle, to measuring and proving marketing ROI and impact on revenue.

Modern B2B Sales

Buying behavior has changed forever. Customers are educating themselves via the Internet and social media – and your sales process needs to change as well. Learn how to adapt and thrive in a Sales 2.0 world, with best practices for sales lead generation and tips to improve sales effectiveness.

Product and Industry

Want to know what’s happening here at Marketo? See what we think about the latest news in the marketing automation and revenue performance management industry? With this blog, we look forward to sharing all this and getting to know our industry friends even better.