Time to Shine — Announcing the 2021 Adobe Experience Maker Awards

Customer Marketing


At Adobe, we know that when exceptional customer experiences shine, they did not happen without a spark. They are the result of talented individuals, teams, and entire companies reimagining customer journeys through digital transformation to realize new business opportunities and drive results.

The 2021 Experience Maker Awards will shine a spotlight on those companies and individuals who went above and beyond to deliver amazing experiences around the world. New this year is the Illuminator category recognizing resilience in overcoming unprecedented circumstances — and three categories (Experience Maker of the Year, Experience Maker Team of the Year, and Experience Maker Executive of the Year) which will be awarded to winners within each of our four global regions (EMEA, APAC, Japan, AMER).

Award categories for 2021

This year’s awards span 15 categories recognizing outstanding achievements in customer experience from individuals, teams, and companies using any Adobe Experience Cloud product. We believe that diversity is about valuing unique life experiences, and we strongly encourage applications from all perspectives and backgrounds.

The Advocate: recognizing a company that has overcome a significant customer experience challenge by embracing a customer-first approach to digital transformation and elevating their customer experience to new heights.

The Ambassador: recognizing the individual who has gone above and beyond to share their expertise, thought leadership, and has demonstrated a willingness to help their peers and colleagues succeed in their digital transformation and customer experience initiatives.

The Analyzer: recognizing a company that has mastered the art and science of data-driven decision making to create optimized customer journeys and drive significant business impact based on using real-time insights.

The Architect: recognizing a company that has unified its content and marketing strategy to streamline the digital customer journey delivering personalized, relevant content to the right audience at the right time to achieve measurable impact and lift to business results.

The Changemaker: recognizing a company or individual who has innovated to create experiences that drive quantifiable impact promoting social or environmental good.

The Closer: recognizing a company that has built a world-class B2B revenue engine to drive alignment between sales and marketing that resulted in a significant lift in pipeline conversion, bookings, and revenue growth.

The Experience Maker Executive of the Year: recognizing the visionary leader who has driven digital transformation across their organization and delivered advances in customer experience to achieve significant business impact. Applicant must be VP level or above.

The Experience Maker of the Year: recognizing an individual that has applied their knowledge of best practices and expertise in Adobe marketing, advertising, or commerce solutions to create exceptional customer experiences and deliver significant business impact for their team and company.

The Experience Maker Team of the Year: recognizing the team that has worked collaboratively to overcome organizational obstacles and deliver exceptional customer experiences and business impact using innovative approaches to execute their marketing, commerce, or advertising strategies.

The Illuminator: recognizing the company, team, or individual that has shown great resiliency, rising above unprecedented circumstances and finding ways to turn challenging situations into inspiring and exceptional customer experiences.

The Magnifier: recognizing a company that has harnessed the power of multiple Adobe customer experience management (CXM) solutions to maximize exceptional customer experiences and drive measurable business impact.

The Mastermind: recognizing a company that has delivered a unified commerce experience across B2B and B2C channels, spanning online and physical stores, multiple warehouses, drop shippers, marketplaces, partners, or vendors to enable customers to buy and fulfill anytime, anywhere.

The Maverick: recognizing a company or individual pushing the boundaries of innovation in customer experience, marketing, advertising, or commerce.

The Orchestrator: recognizing a company that has aligned customer journeys across multiple channels, geographies, or platforms to deliver the most cohesive customer experience through an innovative marketing campaign or commerce initiative.

The Transformer: recognizing a company that has driven innovation across people, processes, and technology to achieve game-changing digital transformation and significant improvement in business results.

It’s time to shine. Apply for the 2021 Adobe Experience Maker Awards.
Submit applications for the 2021 Adobe Experience Maker Awards from March 1 – April 30. Three finalists per category will be selected in May, and the virtual gala event announcing winners lights up in June. Learn more by visiting here.


The Advocate

Foxtel broadcasts a new culture of personalization.
As the most innovative and dynamic media company in Australia offering subscription TV, Foxtel knew they had to increase their appeal to customers by making engagement easier, more personal, and more mobile-friendly. They saw a unique opportunity to increase the insights and customer personalization with Adobe Experience Cloud technology. They used Adobe Target, Analytics, Audience Manager, and Experience Manager to initiate a “build, test, measure” approach to their marketing and customer-related initiatives.

The Ambassador

Chelsea Kiko of McGraw Hill Education aces advanced customer engagement practices.
Chelsea Kiko is marketing operations manager at McGraw Hill — a learning science company that delivers personalized learning experiences to students, parents, educators, and professionals. By using Adobe solutions to understand what their customers wanted, Chelsea reshaped the routing strategy, getting marketing leads into the hands of sales reps more quickly. She developed a relationship with the sales team to create enhancements in routing that both serves the customers more quickly and increases pipeline.

The Analyzer

Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand paves a new path to digital maturity.
Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ) serves as the premier, member-based body for accountants in their region. Among their branding presence, CAANZ maintained seven different web properties. They knew that their usage was high, but visitors were not finding what they were looking for. CAANZ used Adobe technology, the creation of data-first culture, and organizational buy-in to significantly grow the company’s digital maturity.

The Architect

Westpac gets personal in a new age of digital banking.
As Australia’s first bank and oldest company, Westpac had to connect its customer experience across all channels. To do so, Westpac first had to bring consistency to the different digital tools being used across the business. They turned to the solutions in Adobe Experience Cloud, which allowed them to operate efficiently across multiple channels and experiences. Westpac reinvented their approach to personalization.

The Changemaker

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reaches a wider audience.
NCMEC is a private, non-profit corporation whose mission is to help find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent child victimization. NCMEC felt that it was critical to adopt technologies that not only engaged people with desktop experiences but mobile and tablet experiences as well. With the help of Adobe Experience Manager, they created three new websites that met more diverse audiences with messages relevant to them. It’s transformed NCMEC’s ability to engage people, keep the country’s children safer, and bring more missing children home.

The Closer

VMware gets sales and marketing on the same page.
VMware is the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable their 350,000 enterprise and SMB customers to thrive in the Cloud Era. They were in need of a single source of truth when determining if a lead qualified for a sales team follow-up. VMware used Marketo Engage to empower their marketing teams to execute their own marketing programs. The result is a system that empowers all teams at VMware, not just marketing, to realize revenue goals and continue to hit their numbers.

The Magnifier

Refinitiv creates a new digital ecosystem to make life easier for their customers.
Refinitiv provides market-leading data for trading and risk management analytics, blending 160 years of Reuters heritage with the latest technology. They needed to reinvent the customer’s digital journey, align their offerings, and empower the financial community with a better online experience. They created a new component library system and increased the reusability of content and capabilities across their online properties, while Adobe Analytics provided a consistent data layer across their ecosystem. Lastly, they used Adobe Advertising Cloud to introduce programmatic advertising capabilities.

The Mastermind

Rite Aid brings a new omnichannel focus to their stores at a personalized customer level.
Rite Aid Corporation, while a recognizable brand, knew they couldn’t stand still in a retail and B2C environment. They saw opportunities to modernize in ways to be more customer-centric, provide better services, offer better access to products and wellness brands, and deliver best-in-class content. Adobe Experience Cloud provided the right mix of tools and functionality to further the content-to-commerce mission of their strategy. By bringing Adobe Experience Manager into the mix in 2020 and other suites moving forward, Rite Aid aims to bring a more unified experience to the entire customer journey.

The Maverick

TELUS drives customers to their helpful mobile experience.
TELUS, one of the largest Canadian telecommunications companies, found that customers who adopted their mobile app were more likely to perform high value self-serve activities and were much more engaged than web users. TELUS created customer segments using Adobe Audience Manager to connect their online and offline data and used these segments in Adobe Target to serve personalized app download banners. They then used Adobe SDK5 and Adobe Campaign to send push notifications and in-app messages to drive user engagement. Since the effort to drive customers to the mobile app, TELUS has seen their average monthly app downloads triple over the prior year.

The Orchestrator

Rural King brings heightened convenience to rural communities.
Rural King started in 1960 and provides a broad range of food, seed, and other farm and home products. They found that they struggled with website performance issues, which caused them to lose online sales, damage customer trust, and impact relationships with suppliers. Using Magento Commerce, Rural King automated much of their order tracking, inventory management, fulfillment, tracking and reporting. They have changed the way their customers shop, combining the conveniences from online and in-store shopping as well as hybrid buy-online-pick-up-in-store options.

The Transformer

CenturyLink found a way to get more out of their customer interactions.
CenturyLink is a technology leader delivering hybrid networking, cloud connectivity, and security solutions to customers around the world. One of their biggest struggles revolved around multiple business units using technology that didn’t integrate or was redundant and under-utilized. They consolidated and optimized their digital systems, datasets, and marketing spend using Adobe Experience Cloud, while streamlining deployment of strategic product, campaign, and customer experience initiatives to the field using Adobe Target, Experience Manager, Analytics, Marketo Engage, and CenturyLink’s internal data lake.

The Experience Maker Executive of the Year

Nitin Sethi of IndiGo Airlines brings a better individual experience to all customers.
Nitin Sethi is vice president of digital at IndiGo, India’s largest passenger airline focusing on providing low fares, being on time, and delivering a courteous and easy experience. To address siloed systems, limited customer profiles, and omnichannel needs, Nitin liked the holistic approach that Adobe Experience Cloud and its platform offer. He and his team successfully launched the fare drop experience for their customers — which is the first in the industry for an airline. And now, with a 360-degree view of customers, IndiGo can drive personalization and understand repeat customers better.

The Experience Maker Team of the Year

Sprint’s Hive helps create more personalized experiences.
Sprint is an American telecommunications company that, prior to their merger with T-Mobile, was the fourth-largest mobile network, serving 54.3 million customers. Sprint’s challenge was finding the best way to serve personalized customer experiences. They used Adobe Target to capture anonymous behavioral data, and then started testing to improve performance. There’s been a 22 percent increase in overall order conversion rates and an increase of 14 percent in the conversion of brand-new customers.

The Experience Maker of the Year

Josh Mann helped Comcast break down data silos to personalize customer communications.
Josh Mann, director of marketing technology at Comcast, faced a tough challenge: customer data was fragmented across systems and stuck in channel-specific silos. Josh and his associates successfully adopted Adobe Campaign without business interruption, including data migration of 60 million prospects and customers. Now Comcast delivers journeys and campaigns that reach the entire prospect and customer base of over 60 million people across the entire customer lifecycle.