Marketo Champion Sydney Gordon Advanced Her Personal, Career & Network Development 

Professional Development


Are you a marketing professional interested in developing your leadership presence, becoming a sought-after speaker, building a quality network, getting promoted, and multiplying your salary? We have great news – it is possible to obtain this overwhelming number of achievements in just a year through the Marketo Champion Program.

This is a career accelerator that takes you outside your comfort zone and provides you with the resources to excel. Our Marketo Champion Program is a close-knit community of ambitious marketers that are given opportunities to speak at the top industry events, build their personal brand, host podcasts and webinars, join a committee, participate in forums, and much more. 

Every year we select 40 talented marketers to join this career development program and become Champions. The deadline to apply for the Marketo Champion Program 2020 is this week, on December 6th, 2019. The only prerequisite for the program applicants is to have earned a Marketo Certified Expert credential prior to submitting the application.

Let’s hear from our veteran Champions! Meet Sydney Gordon, a marketing operations professional who advanced her personal, career, and network development ever since joining the program.

Q. How did you find out about the Marketo Champion program?

A. “A Marketo Champion is presenting to our class today” – words I took all too lightly the day I showed up to class for what I thought was just another day in college. I thank myself constantly for not skipping class that day as it was the starting point for the trajectory of my career.

That Marketo Champion became my boss, my mentor, and most importantly, a friend. I am lucky to have found out about this program in college as it has been impacting my career ever since. Because of my Marketo experience, I was one of the graduates walking across the stage with a job offer in hand.

Q. How did the Marketo Champion Program help accelerate your career development?

A. Marketo experience has always been a resume booster, so naturally, once I became certified, other opportunities came flooding in. Those opportunities and my continuous learning in Marketo allowed me to reach a Marketo Champion status in 2019, which was the highlight of my career and a moment I had dreamed of since my first internship. The word proud would be an understatement for this.

Q. What was the Champion program’s impact on your personal brand?

A. Champion status has set me apart as an industry expert, a thought leader, and a true Marketing Nation advocate. It has given me multiple opportunities to spread awareness about how Marketo impacts my career and furthers my education. I have had the privilege of working with Marketo on blog posts and product feedback, as well as providing tips and tricks to other users.

Q. What has been the highlight of the program for you?

A. Other than swag, it is the people. I gained a new family – at first, it’s intimidating to see 2x and 3x Champions, but then you develop close relationships throughout the program and become friends and family. Incredible community, friendships and connections, fellowships with other users – they understand and support you throughout this journey.

I met everyone at the summit in March – we bonded together and old champions made it a point to embrace us: they shared available opportunities through Slack channels, empowered us, offered help with our applications, got connected on social media. Very powerful community. 

Q. What would you say to someone considering applying to be a Champion?

A. Just do it! I thought last year that it was a long shot for me, but I got in. You have nothing to lose, even if you are remotely interested – apply – this program has the potential to change your life.

The Champion Program is a way to share your passion on an elevated level with all of the Marketing Nation. It has allowed me to reach a full circle moment in my career: taking on the role of mentor to others within the industry. The Champion Program is a group of Marketo power users looking to share their passion and thought leadership with the community; I have been honored to be a part of the team this year.

Q. How would you describe the Champion community in one word? What has been the best part about collaborating with other Champions?

A. Passion. Being a Marketo Champion is not just a stamp of approval, it’s also a sign of passion. Every Marketo Champion I have met has a true passion for the industry and a desire to share their expertise with others. The Marketo Community is based on fellowship around the platform and it is filled with users who support each other and celebrate success while learning from failures.

If you are as inspired as we are after reading Sydney’s story, do yourself a favor and apply today to become a Champion – the deadline is December 6th, 2019. We can’t wait to review your application!