Marketo Champion Karan Hari Quadrupled His Income

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Are you a marketing professional interested in developing your leadership presence, becoming a sought-after speaker, building a quality network, getting promoted, and multiplying your salary? We have great news – it is possible to obtain this overwhelming number of achievements in just a year through the Marketo Champion Program.

This is a career accelerator that takes you outside your comfort zone and provides you with the resources to excel. Our Marketo Champion Program is a close-knit community of ambitious marketers that are given opportunities to speak at the top industry events, build their personal brand, host podcasts and webinars, join a committee, participate in forums, and much more. 

Every year we select 40 talented marketers to join this career development program and become Champions. The deadline to apply for the Marketo Champion Program 2020 is this week, on December 6th, 2019. The only prerequisite for the program applicants is to have earned a Marketo Certified Expert credential prior to submitting the application.

Let’s hear from our veteran Champions! Meet Karan Hari, a senior product manager for GlobalLogic who has been promoted three times and quadrupled his income ever since becoming a Champion.

Q. What was the Champion program’s impact on your personal brand? 

A. Becoming a Champion had a huge impact on my personal brand. The opportunity that gave me the highest visibility was co-founding and leading the Marketo User Group (MUG) in India within a month of becoming a Champion. Being the voice for the India MUG led to offers for speaking engagements, events, promotional videos, as well as allowed me to meaningfully contribute to the community of marketing professionals in India.

Speaking at Marketing Nation Live is another phenomenal opportunity that I was given as part of the program. I always had a dream of speaking at a summit, and when this opportunity came along I immediately applied and later was selected.

Q. How did the Marketo Champion Program help accelerate your career development?

A. The upward progression of my career ever since joining the Champion program is unmissable. Ever since joining the program, I’ve had three promotions all the way up to a senior manager. In addition to evolving as a marketing professional, I’ve quadrupled my income.

Promotions and pay raise are simply the outcomes of the program – the most invaluable part of being a Champion is access to the community of talented and ambitious professionals, as well as numerous leadership opportunities regularly given to us.

Q. Do you benefit from the Champion network?

A. Absolutely. There is always someone who would point me in the right direction when I’m facing a challenge – I leverage the experience of the community quite a bit. We have highly capable, seasoned professionals that offer mentorship and can also answer difficult specialty questions. Moreover, I was recognized as one of the Fearless 50 this year, and experienced Champions supported me throughout the application process with valuable advice.

Q. What would you say to someone considering applying to be a Champion? 

A. If you are a Certified Marketo Expert and have a few years of work experience – applying to the Champion program is one of the best decisions you can make. It is an opportunity to explore and nurture the leader inside you. All the members are chosen for a reason and have a responsibility to use that expertise to give back to the community. Being a part of the Champion program can catapult your career and personal brand to a whole new level.

Q. What has been an unanticipated perk of becoming a Champion?
A. It is hard to beat exclusive invites to summit parties – it is so special to be in the same room with all the Champions that have already become my online friends. Another unanticipated perk was genuine, close friendships that I’ve built with other Champions. We are a close-knit community of people that care and support each other.

Q. How would you describe the Champion community in one word?

A. This is easy, I’d describe us as champions since the word speaks for itself. We are champions for a reason – a group of driven, passionate marketers that take charge of their careers and stand out in the competition. Professionals that meaningfully contribute to the community and help out many marketers across the world.

If you are as inspired as we are after reading Karan’s story, do yourself a favor and apply today to become a Champion – the deadline is December 6th, 2019. We can’t wait to review your application!