Expert Insights | B2B’s Big Bets In 2020

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From AR to VR, to marketing technology and personalization strategies: The B2B marketer’s toolkit is full of new options for engaging with B2B buyers. 

Figuring out which technologies and capabilities to invest in has become a job in and of itself. To better understand the priorities of B2B companies in 2020, our CMO by Adobe team reached out to some B2B experts and asked: “What is your team’s big bet in 2020?”

Here is what they said:

So we really want to pivot away from just transforming or digitizing our process, and move towards an evolution of what we call “digital business.” And what that means for us is that we’re intently aware of our processes, of how we sell, of how we market, of how our customers are going to buy from us, to create the best experience so that we aren’t just digitizing something, but we’re actually evolving as a company into something that will be more forward, much more aggressive, and hopefully, more successful.

—Gabie Boko, Global Vice President of Digital, HPE


Over the next 12 to 18 months, we’ll see lots of exciting and inspiring developments in AR and VR as prices decrease and our understanding of these technologies’ value increases.

—Harry Moseley, CIO, Zoom 




Our big bet for Customer Success for 2020 is to re-imagine the enterprise customer experience with a strong focus on improving the onboarding journey whilst equally driving programmatic customer engagement at scale!

—Julie Warburton, VP Customer Success, Adobe EMEA



As the pressure increases on B2B marketers to create personalized, unforgettable experiences, B2B organizations will invest in MarTech stacks with aspirations to create their own direct to consumer channel. A D2C channel enables them to gather customer insights, form unified customer profiles, and enhance the customer experience across all channels.

—Chris Guerra, Co-CEO of Blue Acorn iCi 


Placing employee experience on par with the IT experience we deliver to our paying customers, DevOps tools consolidation, and new tools for managing SaaS proliferation.

—Mark Settle, former CIO, Okta 



Open, cloud-based platforms will help in shaping a smarter market for CPG manufacturers and retailers. Trust and transparency, 5G and time to purchase will dictate success in 2020. 

— Arun Ramaswamy, Chief Technology Officer, Nielsen Global Connect


Translating detailed voice of customer input into immediate actions resulting in a greater focus on customers 12-18 months after onboarding.

—Brad Crutchfield, Chief Commercial Officer, 10x Genomics



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