Marketo Engage Integrates with SAP Cloud4Customer for the Ultimate Customer Experience

Customer Experience


The golden rule for business success is to put the customer first – a lesson learned across many industries over the past few decades. Today, putting your customers first is a mere necessity rather than a competitive strategy, and customer experience management (CXM) is the largest and most rapidly-growing enterprise software category.

CX leaders grew 6x faster than CX laggards in the past years

Customer experience is what differentiates good and great businesses. Nurturing relationships with customers makes a customer journey fulfilling, turning them into your loyal advocates and biggest fans. To make this possible, businesses turn to technology, which enables comprehensive tracking of customer lifecycle and activities. 

What is the secret power behind the teams who deliver epic experiences to their customers? 

The answer is simple close Sales and Marketing partnership. The close relationship between these two teams drives efficient pipeline generation and high-quality lead and account nurturing that result in closing the best deals. On the other hand, poor customer experience and missed revenue goals often occur when Sales and Marketing don’t collaborate and support each other. When two teams operate in siloed systems, they can’t work together effectively to drive high conversion rates within the funnel. As a result, opportunities for Marketing to contribute to pipeline are missed or, without timely action, hot leads passed to Sales turn cold.

How to enable Sales and Marketing partnership?

Shared visibility across customer experience and marketing automation software is single-handedly the most critical factor that enables a collaborative partnership between Sales and Marketing. Access to lead and account data at any given time by both teams creates a layer of transparency. Add the right context to the available data and the valuable insights gained from this shared visibility allow for data-driven decisions that turn into winning lead- and account-based strategies that take your buyers from promising prospects to loyal and profitable customers.

Combine your marketing automation and CRM software for ultimate results

You know keeping Sales and Marketing in lockstep is crucial to success, but how do you actually bring this stronger partnership to life? Bridging the gap between your marketing automation and CRM systems ensures a consolidated, one-stop-shop experience for both Sales and Marketing. In addition to providing your teams with the right data with the right context at the right time, here are five more benefits to having your customer experience management software and B2B marketing automation integrated:

  • Strong Sales and Marketing partnership
  • Improved, consistent customer experience
  • More efficient lead & account nurturing and management
  • Increased operational efficiency and reporting
  • Greater data consistency, integrity, and hygiene

Marketo Engage now integrates with SAP’s Cloud4Customer (C4C) CRM for shared visibility across sales and marketing teams. Scheduled, on-demand, and event-driven bi-directional syncs ensure that pipeline and revenue goals are met, while customers receive the exceptional experience they’ve come to expect and deserve. To learn more about the new Marketo Engage – SAP C4C integration and how it can help you unleash the true power of Marketo Engage, please reach out to your Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager today.