Evolving the Marketo Revvie Awards | 2020 Adobe Experience Makers

Customer Experience


The extra mile is often a differentiator between great and phenomenal work. Striving for excellence and being thoughtful about the customer journey is great, but nowadays it has become a necessity in order to compete. What makes one’s work phenomenal is reimagining customer experiences by combining the best technology with game-changing ideas and flawless execution.

Marketo Revvies and Adobe Experience Makers merge

At Adobe, we want to celebrate these outstanding, fearless marketers and let the world know about the extra mile they took to innovate customer experience. The expanded 2020 Adobe Experience Maker Awards blend the best of the original Experience Maker Award program with the rich history of the Marketo Revvie and Magento Imagine Excellence Awards, into 13 new exciting award categories.

Award categories and application process

There has never been a better time to apply for the Adobe Experience Maker Awards. This year you or your team have an opportunity to stand out in one of 13 categories, including but not limited to The Closer, The Orchestrator, The Maverick, The Mastermind, and The Ambassador. Are you our customer that creates impactful digital experiences for your customers? If so, please apply for the 2020 Adobe Experience Maker Awards here to let us celebrate your success.

The application process is easy and consists of only four steps:

  • Create a profile
  • Select the award category you are applying for
  • Detail your achievements
  • Upload supporting content

Deadlines, guidelines – all the “fun” stuff

You have until January 31st, 2020 to submit your application. If you choose to apply for multiple awards, you must submit an application for each award. Clients may nominate themselves or be nominated by their solution or technology partner. There are a few guidelines you need to keep in mind, and you can find them here at the bottom of the page. Award winners will be announced at the Experience Maker Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas that will take place during Adobe Summit.

Winners of the 2019 Adobe Experience Maker Awards

Check out last year’s winners and read their inspiring case study snippets that show what made their digital experience transformation so special. This is a great starting point to decide which achievements you’d like to focus on in your entry, and remember that we always welcome innovation and challenging the status quo. One thing that all of the past winners have in common is reimagining the customer journey in an original way.

Start your application process today

Now that you are well equipped with knowledge about why you should apply and how to do it, go ahead and submit your entries for the 2020 Adobe Experience Maker Awards today – we can’t wait to hear about your success.