5 Cartoons for the Fearless Marketer (+ Caption Contest!)

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Tom Fishburne, known fondly as The Marketoonist, has spent 15 years chronicling the challenges, absurdity, and laughable moments in marketing through hundreds of cartoons. He’s used this creative outlet to expose the nonsense of jargon, reveal uncomfortable truths, and act as a voice of reason in the marketing industry.

Marketo is delighted to bring Tom on stage at the 2018 Marketing Nation Summit, where he’ll be sharing key strategies for transforming ideas into reality in his session, “Always in Beta: Overcoming Idea Killers.” Tom will also be signing copies of his book “Your Ad Ignored Here.”

(If you haven’t secured your Summit pass yet, do so ASAP!)

We’ve collected five Marketoonist cartoons that illustrate the role of The Fearless Marketer—our theme for 2018’s event.

1. Risk

Fearless marketing means taking risks and rising to the occasion. It means resolving to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in marketing. Today, as seen in the cartoon below, it may be a bigger risk to change nothing at all…


Risk Tom Fishburne Marketoonist  

2. Innovation

A key part of being fearless in marketing is our ability to drive innovation throughout our teams. Are you guilty of one of the 7 deadly sins of innovation?

 7 Deadly Sins of Innovation Tom Fishburne Marketoonist

3. Brand Strength in a World of Voice

Amazon Alexa is here, and with it comes a new battleground for customer engagement. Only the fearless break through the noise. We love this illustration which begs the question—in a world of voice and “zero UI,” how strong is your brand?

The Future of E-Commerce Tom Fishburne Marketoonist

4. Focus

With so many tools, channels, and tactics competing for a share of our wallet, and our attention, it’s become critical to stay focused—fearlessly focused—on what truly impacts the business.

 Focus Tom Fishburne Marketoonist

5. It’s Your Turn!

Give us your best caption for the following cartoon. The winner will be announced at Summit live during Tom’s talk, and receive a signed and matted print of the cartoon with your winning caption.

Caption Contest Tom Fishburne Marketoonist

Submit your caption here before Friday, April 27th at 5:00pm.

Good luck, and see you at the Marketing Nation Summit!