5 Videos to Improve Your Marketing Skills in 2018

Professional Development


By now, your budget is mostly set, your planning has wrapped up, and you’re likely settling on a personal New Year’s resolution for 2018. As you check these things off of your to-do list for the year, I’d like to challenge you to think about how you’re going to grow as a marketer this year.

Do you want to hone your skills when it comes to landing pages? Are you hoping to finally master the right cadence for your social accounts? What about adding a guest blogging program to your content strategy?

When it comes to professional development, change can be challenging but is absolutely necessary for marketers to stay ahead in our ever-changing world. In this blog, I’ll share five videos that will help you improve your marketing skills in 2018. 

Personal Branding: Authenticity vs. Transparency

Pam Moore’s video is short, sweet, and to the point. She discusses the differences between authenticity and transparency and gives marketers insight into crafting their personal brand.

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to creating a content marketing strategy, having an actionable and measurable plan to prove ROI to your C-suite is the key to success. If you’re just getting started with your strategy or if you’re looking to improve your impact with an already existing strategy, this video can help you move forward in 2018.

Reduce B2B Waste with a Strategy for Context

Ardath Albee‘s video hones in on the importance of context when it comes to getting ahead. While the video focuses on B2B strategy, there are applicable lessons for every marketer.

Creating and Running a Webinar Program

Thought leadership and storytelling are two of the most important strategies for achieving success in today’s landscape. What better way than launching your own webinar program?

Marketers Don’t Know People

Marcus Collins‘s TED Talk had me laughing, scratching my head, and really considering what marketers can do differently. He encourages marketers to look beyond demographics and psychographics to truly engage their audience.

I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new when I say that the web is full of awesome free resources—from TED Talks to comprehensive learning libraries—so make sure to go sharpen your skills (or learn a new one) in 2018. What marketing skills are you looking to improve upon in 2018? What videos have you recently viewed that sparked a new idea for your marketing department? I’d love to hear your thoughts and plans in the comment section!