Everything You Need to Know About AdTech & MarTech in 4 Sessions

Marketing Technology


Bolder, better, and BIGGER than ever before.

These are the themes you’ve been hearing tied to next week’s Marketing Nation Summit, and I can definitively attest to the fact that they are SPOT ON. As we aimed to “up-level” our content and shape Summit into a true industry conference, this year Marketo has joined forces with one of my favorite publications to create a content series entirely focused on one of marketing’s most exciting trends: the convergence of advertising technology and marketing technology.

In partnership with Adweek, we’ve convened top marketers, leading agency executives, and companies at the forefront of the AdTech-MarTech collision to bring you everything you need to know to navigate this exciting trend.

But don’t just take my word for it. I’ve created a handy preview guide to all the content below. And if you won’t be making it to San Francisco, be sure to register for the keynote livestream to check out our CMO panel during Day 2. Let the convergence commence!

Learn From Today’s Top CMOs

What do marketing executives from Taco Bell, Time Warner, Visa, and Zappos have in common? They’ll all be on stage during Day 2 of the Marketing Nation Summit in a panel moderated by Adweek’s editorial director, Jim Cooper. These brands are leading the charge as their organizations navigate technology, creativity, and, of course, engagement. While these leaders will not be showering the audience with high-speed internet bundles, credit cards, shoes, or even chalupas (I was pulling hard for that last one), they will be talking about how they build the teams of tomorrow, what marketers can do today to get ahead, and how they define success.

Become a Mad Marketing Scientist

There are a lot of ways to define who your customers are. It could be the content they read, the products they buy, even how often they ask for a discount. But do any of those single views really provide an accurate description of who they are? The smarty-pantses over at Deloitte Digital and Google Cloud are going to give us a look at how the definition of your customer and even yourself changes from minute to minute and location to location, in an amazing Ted Talk-style session on marketing sciences and—everyone’s favorite buzzword—machine learning.

Not Your Mama’s Agency Presentation

In a past life, I was lucky enough to work at Ogilvy, the agency founded by the original Mad Man, David Ogilvy. But it doesn’t take a marketing genius to note that the advertising agencies of today look MUCH different than they did in the middle of the 1900s. How do firms navigate these challenges, provide what CMOs need to succeed, and what can marketers do to work with agencies and tackle our digital age?  This session features executives from iconic ad agencies such as AKQA, Essence, Lippincott, mcgarrybowen San Francisco, MEC, and—of course—Ogilvy.

Collision, Convergence, and Everything in Between

To tie it all together, we’ll hear from brands and vendors who are pushing AdTech to new heights. Whether you view the relationship between AdTech and MarTech as a collision, convergence, or perfect marriage, this interactive panel will examine the growing reliance on these technologies and surface important innovations and teachable moments as these two worlds merge. That’s right—I said interactive panel. If it’s always been your dream to be on stage at Marketing Nation Summit (I mean, for me, that comes just after my dream to fly), you can submit your name at the beginning of this session for a chance to join our panelists from AdRoll, Box, and next-generation UX analytics platform ContentSquare. How cool is that?

Excited Yet?

I sure am! I’ll be living at Moscone for the next five days, so if you see a small blonde girl curled up in a corner, feel free to drop off a Red Bull and back away slowly…kidding. Please say, “hello!” so I can give you a big hug and thank you because it wouldn’t be Marketing Nation Summit without YOU! Still haven’t gotten your ticket? There’s still time (online registration closes 4/21 at midnight Pacific Time & opens onsite at the event)!