[Infographic] Back on the Yellow Brick Road: Getting Customers Who’ve Strayed To Re-engage

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The Wizard of Oz is one of the greatest journey movies of all time. In it, a heroine brings together a team of charming characters to help her overcome a series of obstacles that try to prevent her from getting to her goal—the Emerald City and then home to Kansas. And when she finally arrives, you discover that her journey is not *quite* over yet—she has to get the Wicked Witch of the West’s broomstick and bring it back to the Wizard of Oz. That’s the great thing about great journeys–anything can happen.

As marketers, we get to watch journeys play out every day and, just like the journey we witness in The Wizard of Oz, we don’t always know what the outcome is going to be. Perhaps a competitor will swoop in like a flying monkey and whisk your customer away. Or, maybe your customer will fall asleep in a field of poppies, going dark until the right marketing touch awakens them. Whatever the obstacles, as marketers, we’re with them every step of the way. And it’s up to us to help maintain their momentum and propel their journey forward.

If you need to guide your wandering customers back onto the right path and keep them there, follow these four tips for getting your customers to re-engage:

1. Engage with your customers on their preferred channel. To start, you need to know their preferred channel, which requires testing. Try reaching out to customers across a wide variety of channels, and then engage with them in the channels where they respond best and are more cost effective for you. For example, run an ad campaign targeting prospects or customers who don’t respond to email. How did it do? If your ad didn’t get much traction, you might want to explore another road.

2. Entice past customers with relevant offers based on their interests. Use everything you know about a customer to create more relevant communications. This includes the products they viewed on your website, indicated an interest in by viewing or downloading relevant content, and of course, what they bought.

3. Present a consistent message across channels. The more you speak to your customers with a single voice, the better they will respond. Keep offers consistent across channels. If you promote a discounted product through your ad channel, make sure the email going out that day reinforces your offer.

4. Target when the timing is right. Listen for signals that someone is interested in your product or service. Retargeting ads are great, but try presenting different offers based on where your customer is engaging with you—whether that’s on your website or on their mobile device when they are near your store.

The right tool, like marketing automation, enables marketers to effectively engage with their customers by listening and responding to their customers activities. This is critical because customers evolve over time. They expect marketers to quickly to keep up with those changes by not only communicating with them on the right channel but with personal and relevant messaging and content.

Check out the infographic below to see how these tips would help the Emerald Shoe Company re-engage their customer, Dorothy, and get her back on the yellow brick road to customer loyalty.

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