Introducing…The CMO Nation!

Modern Marketing


Hey there, Marketing Nation. Today is a big day for Marketo—we are launching the CMO Nation, a new site that offers an executive perspective on the ever-changing role of the marketer. As always, you can continue to visit this blog here ( for all of the very best in creative insights and best practices about the art and science of digital marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, sales, and more. CMO Nation, on the other hand, will be a new hub for learning more about the state of the industry, the marketer of the future, and what is top of mind for today’s executives.

We already have several exciting things in the works that you can look forward to on CMO Nation. Starting next week, we’ll be kicking off our second round of the “Ask the CMO” Q&A series that we’ve collaborated on with Mashable. Notable executives from some of the world’s biggest and most innovative companies will not only talk about the marketing trends they’re seeing in their respective industries but also their “Lessons Learned,” i.e. how their early careers and even hobbies shaped how they approach their jobs today. Marketo will even humbly get involved here, and participate. Whether you’re already at the top of your marketing team or aspiring to your next position, these interviews will be a must-read.

Coming next month, we’ll also be debuting a new whitepaper from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services sponsored by Marketo on the marketing organization of the future. This topic is a major focus of the CMO Nation blog and a hot topic among the marketing executives I speak to on a regular basis. How do you keep your teams aligned with all of the latest shifts, from new channels to greater demand for ROI? What are the skills, structure, and internal synergies that will drive success? And, for that matter, what does success even look like? This research will offer some major food for thought for anyone assessing the efficacy of their team structure and role within their company—for today and tomorrow.

But wait—there’s more!

In addition to content from our fantastic collaborations, there will be weekly articles from Marketo executives as well as other executive members of the Marketing Nation.

My hope is that you’ll check out the inaugural posts—including a few by yours truly—and be enticed enough to sign up to have CMO Nation content delivered to your inbox weekly. Thanks for being a member of the Marketing Nation!