Your Trusty Guidebook to Marketing Nation Online 2015

Event Marketing


The largest online marketing conference on the planet, with approximately 30,000 marketers from all over the globe is right at our doorstep! Join us, why don’t you!?

In case you haven’t heard, let me be your insider guide to what you can expect at Marketing Nation Online 2015:

  • Sit in on 25+ thought leadership sessions to hear the latest from industry movers & shakers (where is marketing heading?)
  • Mingle with thousands of your marketing peers (can you say brainpower?)
  • Get acquainted with the newest marketing solutions  (do you have the right marketing stack?)
  • And best of all—the entire conference is online (so you can watch and participate from work, a coffee shop, your mobile phone, or even at home in your pajamas!)…and it’s 100% free!

Let’s dive further into all the majorly awesome things you can expect at Marketing Nation Online 2015 (try not to drool):

25+ Thought Leadership Sessions

Yes, 25 sessions is a lot. But guess what? Just by registering, you will have access to every single session on-demand after the event concludes. Let’s put that in perspective…unless you’re currently enrolled in networking or university programs, you’d be hard-pressed to encounter that volume of current marketing education in one place—especially for free. To whet your appetite, here’s a sneak peek into some of the sessions we are most excited about:

1) Personalized Marketing at Scale, featuring Facebook

Learn the new phenomenon of people-based marketing and how you can create those meaningful and effective connections with your audience.

2) How to Build a Brand That People Love, featuring Virgin America

We all know and love the brand of Virgin America—learn how to build an incredibly unique and eye-catching brand.

3) Utilizing Digital Creative to Foster Communities, Not Just Consumers, featuring Mashable

Get a fresh perspective on how you should be creating content for the newest generation of digital marketers.


Where else are you going to find tens of thousands of marketers all in one place at the same exact time? Only one place that I can think of immediately…at Marketing Nation Online! Join our networking lounge to meet other marketers in your particular industry and ask other attendees a question. Or for those of you shy types out there, just say a quick “hello!”

Marketing Solutions

Are you looking for that perfect marketing solution to make your life that much easier? You’ll get a chance to meet with 20+ other marketing solutions that will help make your marketing dream a reality. Are you looking for a solution that will help you with social marketing, consulting, event marketing, webinars, direct mail, and more? Enter Marketing Nation Online to discover and network with partners such as Vidyard for video marketing, NewsCred for content marketing, PFL for direct mail marketing, and much more! You’ll walk away with the knowledge to make an informed decision about the technology you need to execute your marketing strategies and programs.

Exclusive Content

By attending Marketing Nation Online, you will be the very first to receive Marketo’s brand spankin’ new content! We are releasing our newest definitive guide, The Definitive Guide to Digital Advertising, a whole week early to everyone who attends (yes, you’re special!). This guide covers everything about digital advertising from A to Z, so if you’re a digital advertising amateur looking to learn or an expert looking to brush up on your skills—this guide is for you!

We have also revamped and are making available to you our PowerPoint marketing program planning template (with B2B marketer and consumer marketer versions). Customize this template for all of your own company’s marketing program planning and have a great visual way to show your campaigns, programs, budget, and resource needs for the year.

This content is only available to those of you who attend—so don’t delay, register today! (Ohh, that rhymed…**pats self on back**).


We all love to win (#winning), and there are so many ways you can win cool FREE stuff at Marketing Nation Online. Just by registering, you are automatically entered to win a trip to Marketing Nation Summit 2016 in Las Vegas to continue your inspiration in the nation! You also can win countless prizes, such as a Jambox, Apple TV, Beats headphones, and more just by attending sessions and visiting booths, in case you want to learn tons about marketing and get some sweet swag.

You’ve heard it all. So what are you waiting for? Register today! (And don’t forget to tell your friends, too).

“See” you on September 2nd!