Welcome, Vessel.io Team! A New Era in Mobile Marketing Has Arrived

Mobile Marketing


With much discussion about mobile marketing and a raft of product announcements here at Marketo, I would like to provide a peek behind the curtain of our mobile journey and welcome our newest team members.

When we started planning and prototyping our new mobile products, we met with a number of teams who had recently built their first generation mobile experiences in order to understand how their customers were engaging with their mobile apps and how they had approached the challenges of building those products. There were numerous insights that came out of those meetings and from our own customer research. One of the valuable lessons we learned was that building world-class mobile apps on iOS and Android can be tricky. Mobile apps can also differ in subtle ways from web apps, both in how they are built and in how users interact with them. In order to move quickly, we here at Marketo started our own internal projects and looked outside the company to those who had a solid track record of building quality products for mobile apps. In that pursuit, we were fortunate to have met the team at Vessel.io.

The Vessel.io founders were not only recognized for building mobile apps that customers love, but they also had first-hand experience with some of the challenges that marketers face. In December 2014, we brought the two teams together. With the acquisition of Vessel.io, we quietly started working on the product that is now known as Marketo Mobile Engagement. Across all of our products, our vision is to reinvent the way marketers engage with customers on mobile devices. While there have been siloed approaches to mobile engagement, with Marketo Mobile Engagement, we are making it easy for marketers to create and deliver mobile experiences as part of a consistent engagement with customers across digital channels.

Following our announcements at the Marketing Nation Summit, I want to formally welcome the Vessel.io team to the Marketo family and let you know that we are already hard at work on the next set of products and experiences for you to use and enjoy.

In conjunction with this announcement, please take a look at this blog post from Vessel.io CEO Koustubha Deshpande describing the exciting path that lies ahead.

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