Introducing The Definitive Guide To Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. In fact, 44% of cellphone owners sleep with their phones next to their beds so they won’t miss a thing. We’re willing to bet that this number is steadily increasing. Why? Because mobile devices are increasingly important to people, especially as device capabilities have expanded—replacing our calendars, phone books, home phones, physical maps, etc.

Mobile Marketing Is Personal

As a marketing channel that commands plenty of dedicated attention, it’s vital that marketers understand how to effectively market on mobile. Mobile is quite possibly the most personal channel that exists—it rests in someone’s pocket, sits next to their bed, and gets checked consistently throughout the day. This makes marketing on mobile incredibly important but also nuanced.

What is Mobile Marketing?

While marketers need to be aware and prepared with a mobile marketing strategy, mobile marketing does not embody just one thing. It offers you the ability to communicate and listen to consumers via a mobile device in a variety of ways:

  • Sending SMS/MMS messages to your customers
  • Creating mobile-responsive websites and emails
  • Developing apps to engage your core audience

With advancements in mobile and marketing automation, you can now collect mobile-specific insights, which helps you engage your users wherever they are across channels.

Why is Mobile Marketing Important?

Mobile marketing unlocks powerful opportunities for marketers on a scale never before seen. Unlike any other engagement and communication channel, mobile allows marketers to reach target audiences in real-time and in a personal way. It’s universal—almost all types of people and businesses engage with mobile in some way. Marketing via mobile devices is about unlocking the potential of a huge, expanding, captive, and engaged audience. Mobile marketing is modern marketing.

Strategic Mobile Marketing from A to Z

Looking forward, mobile marketing will become more ubiquitous and more personal. You can already see it transforming before our eyes, from highly capable mobile phones to communication with Internet of Things (IoT) devices like mobile connected cars and fitness trackers. Mobile marketing will need to be more personal and relevant—marketers will need to adjust their strategy to focus on building relationships. So, how can you prepare yourself, your team, and your organization to effectively market via mobile devices?

Start by downloading The Definitive Guide To Mobile Marketing. This guide will take you through mobile marketing from A to Z. It will cover:

  • Why mobile marketing is important
  • How to create a cross-channel mobile marketing strategy
  • Your mobile marketing options, including: responsive design, SMS/MMS, and mobile apps
  • How to test, measure and optimize your mobile marketing
  • Insights from industry experts

Download The Definitive Guide To Mobile Marketing today, and get started on creating personal, relevant, and strategic marketing. Let us know what you think!