[Infographic] The Marketing Power of the Internet of Things: Connectivity for Better Customer Interactivity 



The Internet of Things, IoT as it has been dubbed, is a topic that every marketer is talking about. But, what does it mean, and more specifically, what does it mean to marketers? These smart, connected devices are ringing in a new and exciting era for marketing. IoT provides endless opportunities for marketers and advertisers to listen and respond to the needs of their audience based on behaviors. And your audience is eager to improve their lives with these devices and provide marketers with information for more personalized communications.

The possibilities for IoT in the future are endless! Picture this: down the road your car might be able to know when it’s getting a flat tire and send out a signal (via beacons) to the nearest auto shop. Based on your calendar, the shop can send a push notification to your phone offering an appointment at a 30% discount. Another example could be that health insurers start incentivizing their customers based on real-time data. For example, based on a patient’s lifestyle choices and habits, such as daily exercise and sleep patterns all tracked on a wearable, insurance companies can incentivize customers who have healthier lifestyles—giving them a discount on premiums.

Forget the days of trying to figure out what people want; IoT presents opportunities for real-time engagement and customer service. It’s time to approach marketing in a new and improved way. Check out our latest infographic to learn all about what IoT means for marketers.

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