Marketo and Facebook—Delivering The Right Message at The Right Time

Engagement Marketing


The right message delivered at the right time over the right channel to the right customer is the goal of every marketer. But for many marketers, this goal has been more of a utopian dream than actually realizable given the proliferation of channels and the complexity of customer journeys. It’s been so challenging that many marketers might have believed that Don Quixote had a better chance of slaying a windmill than delivering a perfectly executed marketing message in every channel.

But today, Marketo and Facebook have started to make this goal a reality for social advertising channels.

I am excited today to announce that we have teamed up with Facebook to unveil new solutions that make multi-channel marketing a lot easier. With two integrations that connect our Engagement Marketing Platform to Facebook Custom Audiences, marketers can now bring personalized engagement to their Facebook campaigns and incorporate their social advertising into an ongoing conversation with their customers across all channels.

Allow me to explain what these integrations mean….

The first integration between Marketo and Facebook Custom Audiences empowers marketers to better target “known” customers on Facebook with relevant information. For example: a known traveler is browsing for hotel deals on a travel site and leaves without making a purchase. In addition to being sent relevant information about her destination in other channels such as email, when she visits Facebook on her smartphone, she can also be directly presented with ads from the travel site, which encourage her to go back to the site to complete her purchase.

Additionally, given that a majority of people engaging with brands are “unknown” potential customers (e.g. website visitors who haven’t provided contact information yet), the second integration is designed to help marketers engage these anonymous people on Facebook too. But how? Marketers are now able to combine Marketo Real-Time Personalization capabilities with a personalized retargeting campaign to engage unknown audiences. As a result, marketers can show relevant Facebook ads to specific organizations, industries or targeted prospects. For example, a pharmaceutical vendor can now deliver coupons or informative content to a doctor who visits Facebook on her desktop.

In either case, these integrations are making it possible for marketers to tightly intertwine paid Facebook advertising directly with an ongoing digital marketing campaign powered by Marketo’s industry leading marketing software.

The way I see it, these advancements deliver four major benefits for marketers—helping them:

  1. Attract more high-quality potential customers
  2. Convert qualified potential customers into new customers at higher rates
  3. Measure the effectiveness of social channels within a holistic marketing program
  4. Use advertising to drive deeper engagement by having relevant, ongoing conversations

The work we have done to bring Facebook Custom Audiences directly into the fold of Marketo’s engagement marketing software is one of the reasons that we are also pleased to be announcing that our participation in Facebook’s Marketing Partner program. This program allows marketers to easily find the right partner based on their specific needs and each partner’s expertise.

In our recent joint study with the Economist Intelligence Unit, 75% of marketing executives said that, over the next three to five years, they will be responsible for managing the customer’s lifetime end-to-end experience. Successful and impactful engagement marketing is all about building deep relationships with customers by creating delightful experiences at every step of their journey, wherever they are. Taken together, Facebook and Marketo have made this a lot easier.

How are you using Facebook advertising as a part of your engagement marketing strategy? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.