MarTech Momentum Continues into 2015

Marketing Technology


A number of my colleagues have recently asked whether the pace of innovation driving the marketing technology boom is subsiding or showing signs of fatigue. My answer—not yet, and I don’t think we should expect it to in 2015.

By almost any measure—including the growth in the number of companies focused on selling to marketers and the number and size of investments flowing into this category—the story remains as it has been over the last several years…MarTech is hot. Organizations large and small are adopting more marketing technology to identify, engage, acquire and manage their prospects and customers.

For example, ChiefMarTech reported there was over $3.3B of new venture capital and private equity invested in marketing technology companies in the first three quarters of 2015 (excluding M&A activity). There were six investment firms identified as having at least 25 investments in MarTech alone!

Want a more public and visual display of the incredible resources and energy going into this marketplace? If you happen to be in Silicon Valley—take a look out the window and check out the billboards!

In the last year, there has been a swarm of marketing companies advertising their products and services to drivers and passengers. It’s been fun to see Marketo LaunchPoint partners prominently represented among the outdoor displays. Marketing categories that have been the most visible include:

Mobile Marketing

The consumption of content on mobile devices continues to skyrocket and this channel continues to gain interest from both business and consumer marketers. Tracking mobile in-application behavior and providing mobile notifications are a just a couple actions marketers can leverage to deliver more compelling experiences to their customers.

Marketers looking to market on every channel their customers use now leverage text messaging (SMS) applications for customer outreach, appointment reminders, and mobile marketing.

Example: Twilio—seen on Highway 101 in Silicon Valley.


Twilio SMS makes it easy to leverage text messaging applications for customer outreach, appointment reminders, and mobile marketing.

Lifecycle Marketing/Customer Success

Organizations now recognize that the customer journey doesn’t stop once your prospect signs the purchase order. Sure you’ve engaged your audience from awareness, through consideration to purchase…but now it’s time to build a great relationship, increase the likelihood to renew, and convert your customers into advocates.

Modern marketers can easily segment customers based on their likelihood to buy or cancel their subscription, and can group customers based on feature usage and then personalize engaging campaigns.

Example: Totango—seen on Highway 101 in Silicon Valley.


Totango is used to segment customers based on their likelihood to buy/cancel, or group customers based on feature usage, then personalize smart campaigns.

Content Management/Collaboration

How organizations consolidate, manage, present and collaborate across an organization can make a significant organizational impact. Sharing files and information impacts productivity and can simplify the life of marketers and customers.

Businesses can now improve their collaboration and share content, and ideas from anywhere and on any device.

Example: Box—seen on Highway 101 in Silicon Valley.


Box’s flexible content management solution helps users securely share and access content anywhere, with the ability to provide oversight into how content moves within their organizations.

The list of MarTech billboards along the Silicon Valley’s highway 101 goes on and on to include events/webinars (On24), big data/analytics (Birst) and many more.

While VCs are investing their time and money into emerging MarTech companies, marketers are investing more of their time determining how to build your marketing stack to take advantage of all this innovation. 2014 was exciting and full of innovation, and in 2015 I look forward to more of the same exponential growth.