[Quiz] Who’s Your Content Marketing Crush?

Content Marketing


Whether you like to write a blog post here and there, or you get paid to write ebooks all day, every day, we all have a little love for content marketing in our blood. Like most other types of marketing, each person has a different approach that works best for them. Just take a look at some of the top content marketing thought leaders – they each have certain skills that differentiate them from each other, but they are all still considered “grade A” content marketers. Interested in seeing which content marketing thought leader you are the most like? We’ve created a quiz to help you find out just that- take the quiz here:

Find out who your content marketing crush is!

Each of us possesses a variety of skills and qualities in varying amounts. In my opinion, there are a lot of great qualities of a content marketing leader. I’ve listed some of the most important ones here:

  • Storyteller – You immediately hook your audience with your writing and/or speaking. You know your audience, and you build a story that relates directly to them, preventing them from closing your ebook or leaving your webinar.
  • Star Personality – In order to build a significant social following, you need to develop a distinctive voice, one that your audience finds entertaining. You could be humorous, quirky, and full of ridiculous facts or something else.
  • Analytical – Content Marketing would be nowhere without the analytical minds backing the field. This was the case before content marketers, as we know them today, even existed. In order to get your executives on board, you must show them the ROI of content marketing. You have an analytical mind to prove why investing in that ebook will generate more business for your company.
  • Inquisitive – You’re still a marketer under all of that content. You understand that you can’t just write an ebook just to write an ebook – you ask the question “how will this help grow my business?” And, you look ahead at your upcoming business goals and trends to decide what the next big thing might be and how to implement it.
  • A Great Writer – This one is obvious but still very necessary. Grammar skills? Check! Spelling Check? Yes! You’re a firm believer that if your audience can’t understand what you’re trying to say, you’ve wasted your time. You bring organization to information, through grammar, creative content modalities and let’s not forget, outlines.

Let’s face it, no one’s perfect or the absolute best in every attribute but maybe you excel in just a few categories. It’s what makes content marketers unique and stand out from the crowd. Is there an attribute that resonates more with you over the others? Find out who your content marketing crush is by taking our quiz! Start here!

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