Real Marketer Stories: What’s The Best Piece of Marketing Advice You’ve Ever Received?

Modern Marketing


At Marketo, our entire organization is focused on solving the problems of marketers today. And that means engaging with the superheroes of marketing – not just the “experts,” but the real, on the ground marketers—the marketers building campaigns, running events, writing blog posts and generating leads.

That’s also why we created LaunchPoint, an ecosystem of marketing solutions that dives deep into every marketing channel, putting the best technology at your fingertips. LaunchPoint doesn’t just connect people with technology – it gives them access to a whole network of superhero marketers.

It’s those marketers, our superheroes that we’re featuring in Volume 2 of our Real Marketers ebook. For this ebook we asked our ecosystem of marketing partners: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Our superheroes shared the advice that helped accelerate their careers, grow awesome teams, launch strong campaigns and generally made them super. We hope it’s as helpful to you as it was to them.

Download our new ebook, and read their advice here! Want to tell us your marketing stories? Tweet to us @Marketo. Real Marketer Stories Vol. 2