[Infographic] What’s in the Cards? Decide Your Marketing’s Fate



As the end of year approaches, marketers try to predict the future of their programs and campaigns for the coming quarter and year. This is not a small task — today’s marketers juggle more than ever: documenting plans, balancing stakeholder buy-in, creating and adjusting deadlines, targeting the right audience and more. Without a system, this level of activity quickly gets out of hand, leaving marketers with lackluster campaigns that failed to meet their expectations

In light of this, we decided to dust-off our crystal ball and interview over 400 marketers to see how they plan their marketing, and what would help them improve their predictions. As a result, we learned about the pain points marketers encounter as they try to define their future campaign’s, and that most marketers have implemented a system to help them collaborate (but it may not be working very well). We also identified the “must-haves” for marketers to successfully envision their integrated campaigns.

Our latest infographic explores these ideas and reads the cards to help you decide your marketing’s fate. Check it out:

Marketing Calendar Fortune Telling Infographic

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