What Twitter Can Teach us About Marketing Automation Users

Social Media Marketing


Marketers are always looking to better understand their audience, and to better address their needs — especially when it comes to social marketing. Recently, RingLead and Stat Social partnered up to take a close look at how marketing automation users engage on Twitter.

To get that deep lookinsight we checked out the Twitter followers of the top 10 marketing automation companies (including Marketo). Through the psychographics and demographics of this audience, we now know more about marketing automation users than ever before!

Curious about what we learned? Here are some takeaways from the research.

1. Marketing automation users are social.

Over 768,000 Twitter users follow marketing automation companies, and on average, these users have three times more followers than non-marketing automation fans.

2. Marketing automation users are everywhere.

On Twitter, marketing automation fans are all over the United States and Canada, but within the U.S. the most popular states for these users to reside are California, Massachusetts and New York.

3. Marketing automation users are well-rounded.

These Twitter users love technology, marketing, and advertising, and they care about their careers, data, and networking…but they also care about including education, real estate, personal finance, and their pets!

Want more? Check out the infographic below for all the insights:

If you use marketing automation, does this data resonate with you, or have we totally missed the mark? Leave us a note in the comments below!