Get Ready for Ad Week – 5 Things You Can’t Miss

Event Marketing


We’re T-minus four days until Ad Week — one of the most important gatherings of marketing and communications leaders of the year, taking place in New York City. If you’re already registered, keep reading for our “must do” list of events; if not, use the list to justify your trip next year (or register now — it’s not too late!). 

Why? Ad Week may not be your traditional marketing conference, but it’s no secret that the wall between marketing and ad tech is crumbling before our eyes. It doesn’t matter what kind of marketer you are — anyone can draw inspiration from innovative companies like Facebook, MyFitnessPal, Pandora, and way (way) more. Also, Jessica Alba will be there.

So without further ado, here’s our can’t-miss roundup for Ad Week 2014:

1) Pandora Battle of the Bands. Yes, I’m leading with a party. Because let’s be realistic — these conferences are all about networking, and there will be more than 90,000 advertisers and marketers in attendance. There’s a whole slew of special events at Ad Week, but only this one will literally rock. Need something a little quieter? How about the official Acxiom/Ad Week networking event? Something weirder? Maybe the Angry Birds Transformers Party. You can’t lose.

2) Make the Logo Smaller – How Brands Win When Advertising Takes a Back Seat to Content. The famous ad man Julian Koenig once called himself a “writer of short sentences,” but according to Tom Buontempo and Matt Creamer of kbs, it’s time to ditch the tagline for the storyline. We couldn’t agree more. This one should be essential for B2B and consumer marketers alike. While you’re on the content train, check out Be Bold, Be Engaging, or Be Gone: The Importance of Real-Time Marketing — all about serving content that cuts through the noise.

3) Would it be tooting our own horn if I drew attention to some of Marketo’s sessions? Yes, I suppose it would. But I insist that even if Phil Fernandez wasn’t our CEO, I’d still be recommending Phil’s session, Engagement: The Key to Winning, with speakers from Acxiom, FleishmanHillard, Pandora, Digital River, The Jim Stengel Company, and the Detroit Pistons. After all, engagement is the key to winning. #winning

4) While I’m at it, you may as well check out frequent Marketo blog contributor (and Sr. Marketing Strategist) Mike Stocker, who will be speaking with Tara-Nicholle Nelson, VP of Marketing at MyFitnessPal. A Marriage of Mobile & Email: Engaging 15M Users at a Time will explain how MyFitnessPal has engaged 15 million individuals based on lifestyle, behavior, and interests.

5) Major celebs. Arianna Huffington, Marissa Mayer, Outkast, Jamie Oliver, and yes, Jessica Alba will all be there. If you’re going to travel to New York, you may as well squeeze in some celebrity sightings/selfies, and I can’t think of another event with so many opportunities for both.

That’s only a tiny chunk of the four days, 250+ events, and 190+ workshops/sessions at Ad Week — what are you looking forward to the most?