3 Reasons You’ll Drive Better (and More) Leads with Interactive Content

Content Marketing


Many marketers feel like the engine is always running. There’s always more to do – campaigns to run, technologies to master, analytics to check… And, of course, there’s the constant need to drive more leads, better leads, and faster MQLs. In fact, 78% of B2B marketers state that “generating more leads” is the biggest challenge they are currently facing.

Increasing your commitment to content marketing is a good place to start, but you also need your content to work hard – and smart – for you.  You probably already know about leveraging your marketing automation with interactive content. But did you know that according to DemandGen Report’s 2013 Content Preferences Survey, only 5% of buyers are willing to provide detailed information in exchange for whitepapers?

That is why many marketers are incorporating interactive content into their overall strategy. Assessments, benchmarking tests, ROI calculators, interactive infographics, interactive whitepapers, and knowledge tests about best practices, as well as old standbys like polls, surveys, and quizzes – interactive content is smart content.

You can think about the benefits of interactive content in three categories – facilitating dialogue, creating a value exchange, and delivering content in new, exciting ways. Here’s how these three benefits break down:

1. Facilitating Dialogue

As marketers absorb an increasingly larger portion of the sales cycle, marketers are naturally becoming better sales people.  And what makes a good sales person? The ability to listen. It’s about dialogues, not monologues.

Interactive content enables you to have real conversations with your audience.  That means you can ask questions and deliver answers that address their specific challenges, painpoints, or interests.  Dialogue-inspiring content delivers dramatically more value (see the next section for more on that) and it’s massively scalable (you don’t need a W2 for your content).

A few examples of companies facilitating dialogue through interactive content:

2. Exchanging Value

Now that we’ve established the need to have conversations, let’s talk about what you’re going to say. If your mission is deliver value at each stage of the buying process, this might take the form of education, problem identification, analysis, and even entertainment.

Interactive content allows marketers to customize an experience for each user, and deliver specific information based on that individual’s needs, pains, or challenges.  But a true value exchange goes both ways – smart content also needs to deliver value to you, the marketer.

Interactive content can pull specific, actionable data from your audience – which can then be organized within your marketing automation.  As they interact, prospects happily provide deep insights into themselves, quickly filling out profile information for lead scoring and triggering campaigns, and creating better, faster MQLs.

Two companies leveraging interactive content to exchange value with their audiences:

3. Delivering Content in New, Exciting Ways

Whitepapers and benchmarking studies can crystalize your thought leadership and value proposition, but they often aren’t delivered in an appealing way. Interactive content can help you slice and dice this information into bite-sized, consumable pieces.

Which is easier to eat? This:


Or this:

fish dinner

When you make difficult or complex ideas visual and entertaining, you help users get invested in the process. Best of all, if you already have whitepapers, you may already have all the content you need. Writing big weighty pieces is hard and time consuming; pulling out some of the core ideas is fast and easy.

Here are a few examples of interactive delivery:

  • Whitepapers can be a challenge to slog through, which is why Unitrends made their whitepapers interactive. (This also leveraged value exchange, as Unitrends was able to collect data on how their audience solves specific challenges around backup and recovery issues).
  • Atmel, a microcontroller and components company, ran a contest to reach their engineering audience – much easier to consume that a technical paper. So far, 82% of their target audience is engaging, yielding more than 11,000 social shares.

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