10 Blogs to Bookmark: Social Marketing Edition

Social Media Marketing


There are a lot of blogs about marketing out there, and many of them are worth reading — well-written, original, full of valuable information and fresh perspectives. But the sad, sad truth is that there are a limited number of hours in the day (only 24, last time we checked).

To help our friends in marketing sort through the blogosphere in record time, we’re compiling a list of our most bookmark-worthy marketing blogs, narrowing down the list to 10 in each category. Last month, we posted our 10 favorite content marketing blogs; this month, we’re covering off on another subject dear to our hearts: social marketing.

Here are our 10 must-bookmark social marketing blogs — who makes your top 10?

1. Social Media Examiner

social media examiner

The Rundown: Social Media Examiner claims to be the “world’s largest social media magazine” — and by all appearances, they aren’t lying.
Why We Like It:
 Constant updates (2+ posts per day), smart writers, and a wide variety of topics — from industry research to best practices. Truly the go-to source.
Check it Out: Social Media Examiner

2. Mashable’s “Social Media” Section

mashable social media

The Rundown: While not technically a blog in and of itself, the “Social Media” section on Mashable is one of our social team’s top picks.
Why We Like It: With tons of fresh new content every day, Mashable is the place for hot-off-the-press news about the latest memes, viral videos, social platform developments, and Silicon Valley gossip. You can also view posts divided by social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube).
Check it Out: Mashable’s “Social Media” Section

3. We Are Social

we are social

The Rundown: This is the blog of We Are Social, an international advertising agency with clients like Adidas, Heinz, Unilever, Heineken, eBay, Jaguar, Intel, Moët & Chandon, and Expedia.
Why We Like It: We Are Social highlights the fun, playful side of social media marketing. They also bring an international perspective to the table, with offices everywhere from London and Paris to Singapore and São Paulo.
Check it Out: We Are Social

4. Social Media Explorer

social media explorer

The Rundown: Not to be confused with Social Media Examiner, Social Media Explorer is a strategic services agency focused on digital marketing and social media, founded by marketing A-lister Jason Falls.
Why We Like It: Practical social marketing advice from a trusted source. The posts are carefully curated, high-quality, and written by a well-known roster of impressive thought leaders.
Check it Out: Social Media Explorer

5. Social Mouths

social mouths

The Rundown: A slightly edgier take on your typical marketing blog, Social Mouths covers blogging, social media, web traffic, content marketing, conversion and email marketing.
Why We Like It: Founder Francisco Rosales has plenty of personality (the “About” page is titled “Who Is This Dude?”), but you never doubt that he knows his stuff.
Check it Out:
Social Mouths

6. Socially Sorted

socially sorted

The Rundown: The mouthpiece of Australian social media strategist Donna Moritz, this blog focuses on gaining reach, engagement, and traffic through social marketing.
Why We Like It: Ms. Mortiz doesn’t post every day, but she’s always got a fresh, authoritative take on the latest buzz. Bonus points for beautiful design and a killer sense of humor.
Check it Out: Socially Sorted

7. Kim Garst

kim garst

The Rundown: Case studies and best practices about the latest and greatest in social marketing, from personal branding/social media genius Kim Garst.
Why We Like It: Practical, actionable, plainspoken advice for marketing professionals — or for anyone who uses social media. Garst blogs on a range of topics, from blocking someone on Facebook to choosing the right LinkedIn profile keywords.
Check it Out: Kim Garst

8. Maximize Social Business

maximize social business

The Rundown: The name doesn’t lie — if you’re marketing for a business, this is your blog. Founder/Editor-in-Chief Neal Schaffer’s mission is to “help businesses and professional strategically maximize their use of social media.”
Why We Like It: Don’t be turned off by the no-frills design — this is truly valuable content. Each contributor owns a monthly column in the subject of his or her expertise, such as traffic generation, video, influence, or even real estate.
Check it Out: Maximize Social Business

9. Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen blog

The Rundown: This is the social media blog for content marketers. Heidi’s blog constantly draws connections between social and content — think topics like “Optimizing Content for Social” and “Is Blogging a Social Media OR a Search Tactic?”
Why We Like It: A holistic view of marketing in general, and super-smart delivery, with a focus on actionable advice. (Full disclosure: Heidi co-wrote our Let’s Get Visual! Visual! ebook on visual content marketing, and yes, it is awesome.)
Check it Out: Heidi Cohen

10. Likeable Media

likeable media

The Rundown: This word-of-mouth marketing agency focuses on social media trends and techniques, all with the aim of “telling brand stories at the speed of like.”
Why We Like It: Likeable Media’s bloggers aren’t afraid to show their senses of humor, and they write about everything from crafting the perfect social media bio to hospitals effectively using LinkedIn. Word-of-mouth marketing is huge right now, so tap in.
Check it Out: Likeable Media

Have a social marketing blog you think should make the list? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for the second round!