Real Marketer Stories: What Makes a Great Marketer?

Modern Marketing


At Marketo, we spend a lot of time around marketers — and I’m not just talking about our own marketing department. Our customers are marketers, the partners in our LaunchPoint ecoystem are marketers, and the people we ask for advice/take out to lunch/share blog posts with/frantically retweet are marketers.

So I might be slightly biased when I say that marketers are some of the most creative, clear-headed, artistic-yet-analytic people that I know. But my favorite thing about marketers? Hands down: their ability to tell a good story.

With that in mind, we decided to put our favorite, everyday marketers in the storytelling spotlight in our new ebook, Real Marketer Stories: What Makes a Great Marketer? The questions we asked were simple, but the answers we got were anything but. As it turns out, there’s no one path to becoming a marketer — we heard from musicians and political campaign managers, former airline attendants and psychology majors. And there’s no one quality that makes a marketer great, either — as you’d expect from such a well-rounded crew, the qualities that brought them success were as different as their career paths.

Curious about their answers? Download our new ebook, and read their stories here! Want to tell us your marketing stories? Tweet to us @Marketo.

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