Navigating the Global Digital Ad Landscape [Infographic]

Digital Marketing


Today, marketers can transmit information almost instantaneously — at nearly 300,000km per second, we’re close to transmitting data at the speed of light. This means that you can disseminate digital marketing messages halfway around the globe, just as quickly as you can send one to the next town over. Technology has opened up a whole new world of possibilities (and potential market share) for digital marketers.

At Marketo, we’ve stretched our wings into a number of new countries recently, and we’ve worked to navigate these new landscapes with a true understanding of our global audience. Before you take your digital marketing global, you need to know how your new audience is researching and purchasing products online.

If your’re marketing on social, you’ll want to know which countries use social channels like Facebook and YouTube the most. How much money do consumers in France and Spain spend via mobile? What percentage of ad budget do marketers in China spend on banner ads, keyword search, or video? How should you market differently to audiences in the US, versus those in Canada?

Check out our new infographic to get started with global digital marketing today:

Global Digital Ad Spend Infographic

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