How to Get In With the “In Crowd”: Digital Influencer Marketing for Brands [Infographic]

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We have been hearing a lot lately about “digital influence marketing”, but what is it exactly? And how can you, as a brand, use this strategy? Digital influence is the ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviors, and drive measureable outcomes online — largely as the result of social networking. Digital influencers are leaders within their communities, with powerful social networks and industry-wide credibility. Plus, they are often willing to connect with brands relevant to their field of expertise.

So how can you get started with digital influencer marketing? Check out our latest infographic to learn where to find relevant experts, how to target influencers based on the three R’s (reach, relevance, and resonance), how to partner with an influencer, and how to make sure you’re giving back. Plus, we also have included a list of today’s top digital marketing influencers, so you can get started connecting right away, whether you’re following them on Twitter or using an influencer marketing platform like Traaackr or Little Bird.

Digital Influencer Marketing for Brands Infographic

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