Two Heads are Better than One: When Science, Art, and Marketing Meet

Modern Marketing


A few months ago, we asked our social media followers to  write marketing haikus inspired by one of our favorite marketing topics — email marketing, social media, content marketing, and marketing automation. To sweeten the deal, we made it a contest. The prize? To be featured in one of Marketo’s visual slide decks or infographics. Pretty cool, right?

Of course, the marketing community is full of brilliantly creative people, and we got a ton of amazing entrees. But the haikus weren’t just creative —they also demonstrated a scientific, analytic understanding of how marketing works. After all, marketers need to be numbers-driven and artistic. As our own Jon Miller has written about on the blog, marketing and physics have a ton in common.

So the haikus really got us thinking about both sides of the coin — the intersection of art and science that marketers know so well. As we’ve seen time and time again, when science and artistry work together, the results can be inspiring.

To create our new slide deck, we dove deeper into that intersection of art and science in social media, email marketing, marketing automation, and content marketing. We looked at how big brands have leveraged their scientific and creative powers to execute on truly inspiring campaigns. And, as promised, we included our haiku contest winners in this slide deck! Check out the winning marketers and their prize-winning haikus!