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Missed Our Road to Success Virtual Event? Get the Recap Here!


After months of anticipation, Marketo’s Road to Success Virtual Event has come and gone. There were two fantastic keynotes, 14 sessions (on topics ranging from social media intelligence to taking your marketing global), and over 2,800 attendees…were you one of them?

If you missed the Road to Success Virtual Event, or you need a refresher course, never fear! Read on for a recap of the amazing event, and free links to the recorded presentations. (Check out the full agenda here.)

Opening Keynote: Mobile Moments

What happens when we reward people during special moments in their lives? Brian Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of Kiip, asked himself this question. Eventually, this question led to him founding a company – Kiip, a mobile rewards program that rewards people during important milestones.

Brian explains that during these milestones, consumer attention is heightened, which presents the perfect opportunity for marketers to serve up relevant messages. In the course of Kiip’s extensive research, the company found that marketing during critical moments result in increased engagement, increased happiness, and – most importantly – increased purchase intent.

This keynotes discusses all of the different moments a person experiences, and how marketers can tap into these moments as they are being experienced.  Brian also presents a challenge to the audience: How can marketers be more relevant to their audience, so that buyers enjoy ads, rather than dismissing them? What moments can marketers start taking advantage of today?

Watch the full presentation here: Mobile Moments Keynote with Brian Wong

How to Make Your Website as Personalized as Your Email

Jon Miller, VP of Product Marketing and Co-Founder of Marketo, and Mike Telem, VP of Product Marketing for Real-Time Personalization at Marketo, discuss how websites can become as customized and targeted as emails have become today.

Jon leads the discussion by explaining how emails have become more and more personalized, largely because of the marketer’s ability to segment and target. But email personalization, according to Jon, is not enough – because today’s consumers jump from one channel to another, marketing requires personalization across all of those channels.

Real-time personalization is the ability to personalize your website based on:

  • Identifying a person’s attributes (contacts + firmographics + context)
  • Customizing their experience by presenting people with relevant content, calls-to-action or visuals
  • Speed. According to Microsoft Research, marketers have roughly 10 seconds to convince website visitors that your product/services are relevant to their needs

Jon and Mike then discuss the 3 w’s of real-time personalization:

  • Who: Organization, Location, Behavior, Persona
  • What: Content, Case Studies, Videos
  • When: Website, Mobile, Advertising

Watch the full presentation here: How to Make Your Website as Personalized as Your Emails

Conversations Not Campaigns

The average consumer is exposed to over 3,000 marketing messages in a day, but only they remember four. In this session with Matt Zill, Director of Product Marketing at Marketo, we explore ways that marketers can break through the noise and create memorable impressions.

The first thing we need to improve is the way that we send email. Nobody should be batch and blasting these days – it’s all about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Matt suggests that effective marketing must be:

  • Trustworthy: People have to trust the source
  • Relevant: Time your messages based on a consumer’s place in the buying process
  • Conversational: Listen more than you speak
  • Coordinated Across Channels: Consumers are now multi-channel;  be everywhere they are!
  • Strategic: Examine your marketing holistically – it’s not just about opens and clicks

Watch the full presentation here: Conversations Not Campaigns

Closing Keynote: The Marketing Hourglass

The Marketing Hourglass is a framework created by John Jantsch, thought leader and author of Duct Tape Marketing.  This framework challenges both marketers and sales people to stop trying to dictate the buyer journey, and to start trying to truly understand behavior.

The future of marketing, John argues, is about organizing behavior. Let people do what they want, when they want. Here are the seven consumer behaviors that marketers should be most aware of:

  • Know: Who and How
  • Like: Social Media
  • Trust: Webinars, Materials, eBooks
  • Try: Workshops, Demos
  • Buy: Service Team
  • Repeat: Cross Selling
  • Refer: Champions

John then applies these four steps to the marketing hourglass framework:

  1. Understand what your experience looks like
  2. Audit your content
  3. Review your sales process
  4. Examine partners

John quips that for marketers to understand buying behavior and effectively market and sell, marketers and sales people should hug.

Watch the full presentation here: The Marketing Hourglass with John Jantsch

Thank you to all our sponsors and attendees who made yesterday such a successful event! To view all sessions and recordings in the virtual environment, register here!