Marketo Announces Japan Expansion

Product and Industry


It is so nice to be wanted. Who doesn’t like to be invited to a party or asked to dinner?  The same is true in business. And in our short history, it sure seems like people want Marketo.

First, we heard customers in the UK asking for our technology; in 2011 we took the international plunge and hung the first global Marketo shingle up in Dublin. A year later, after several Australian customers pushed for access to our software, we opened up shop in Sydney.

For the past year the same scenario has been playing out Japan. Today, I am pleased to say that thanks to an amazing partnership with Dentsu eMarketing One and SunBridge, Marketo KK (our first joint venture) is open for business today.

Today’s move comes at a great time in Japan. There is no question that the once dormant Japanese economy is in full swing again. Contained within this rebirth is a subtle but significant difference in how Japanese companies want to market themselves and engage customers.

To be sure, the importance of relationships are paramount. But with a culture that is massively mobile and highly technology savvy, today’s Japanese businesses are looking at how they can create of relationship over digital channels.

Needless to say, that shift plays right into Marketo’s hands. We are the only company that is building software that makes it possible to interact with customers in a personal way over any channel while giving the marketing team the needed technology to orchestrate and manage multiple campaigns.

So the time is right. The market is right. Our partners are right. And I can’t be more flattered and excited to have been invited to set up shop in Japan.

Read the full press release on Marketo’s Japanese expansion here.