The State of Marketing Automation Trends 2014 [Infographic]



Finding the right marketing automation software is tough when you are searching for the first time. That’s why we teamed up with Software Advice to speak to hundreds of companies, determining what drives organizations to purchase these systems. Plus, we have been speaking to our own customers for years, so we know what goes through their minds.

Check out our infographic below for some key stats found in Software Advice’s survey. Did you know that 91% of buyers are evaluating marketing automation for the first time? This didn’t surprise us, as we know that marketing automation is becoming more widespread each year—more and more companies understand that to remain competitive, marketing automation is necessary. Another key finding was that the top reason companies evaluate marketing automation software is to improve lead management and automate processes.

To find out more about selecting the perfect solution for your brand, visit Software Advice online, where you can read reviews and get expert advice on thousands of solutions.

Read on to learn more about what people look for when purchasing marketing automation tools:

Upworthy Internet Infographic

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