3 Pieces of Social Media Real Estate You Shouldn’t Overlook

Social Media Marketing


Have a big event promotion or new asset launch planned in the near future? If you’re a marketing pro, you’ve probably prepared your messaging for social posts and scheduled your emails, but do you have a plan for the visual space on your social channels? In recent years, content marketers have learned to leverage visuals, and social marketers should be following suit. There’s some valuable real estate on your social profiles — are you taking advantage, or are you leaving those spaces vacant?

When it comes to marketing on social, here are three often-overlooked pieces of prime real estate:

1) Cover Photos

Many organizations rarely update their cover photos, but if your audience is engaging with you on social, your cover photo is one of the first things they see. Whether you’re promoting an event, new product, special deal, or webinar, your cover photo is the perfect place to highlight your most important promotion. This applies to cover photos across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and any other channels your company has a presence on. (Read some more ideas for creative cover photos here.)

In the example below, Social Media Examiner used their Facebook cover photo to promote their conference, Social Media Marketing World:


Interior decorating magazine Apartamento uses their cover photo to let fans know a new issue is available — simple, effective, and probably took less than a minute to create:

apartamento facebook

2) Pinned Posts

Another set of under-utilized visual spaces are Facebook’s Pinned Posts and Twitter’s Pinned Tweets. Both Facebook and Twitter allow you to “pin” a particular post to the top of your social profile, guaranteeing that they’ll be seen first by your visitors.

Twitter actually allows you to pin more than one post, and will alternate displaying those two posts at the top of your page. Facebook’s Pinned Posts only stay at the top of your timeline for one week, so make sure to pin a new post or re-pin the same post if you’d like to keep it featured.

Here’s an example of a Pinned Tweet from designer Louis Vuitton, used to promote a new line:


And here’s an example from social marketing platform Hootsuite, using a Pinned Tweet to highlight their free trial offer:

hootsuite promoted tweet

3) Backgrounds and Headers

Twitter, Slideshare, and YouTube allow you to customize your profile’s backgrounds and headers — two more way to get your message across at no cost.

Below, you can see that our Twitter background is focused on our upcoming user summit. We included the dates, hashtag, and registration link so that when people look at our Twitter page, all the information they need about The Marketing Nation Summit is right in front of them:

At Marketo, we create customized visuals for social profiles every time we implement a launch. Beyond taking advantage of valuable real estate, we find this keeps our key initiatives consistent across every channel.

Are there any overlooked visual spaces your company is taking advantage of? Feel free to share in the comments below!