Long Live the Music Video! Marketo Debuts “Gotta Get Lead Generation”

Demand Generation


What happens when a rock star marketer, an excitable mascot, and Marketo employees with phenomenal dance moves get together? Lead generation, of course!

Written and performed by the talented Julie Neumark, “Gotta Get Lead Generation” chronicles a tale that almost any marketer can relate to: your boss (in this case, a sunglasses-wearing mascot) wants you to generate more leads, but you aren’t sure where to start. In today’s complex, multi-channel world, how do you fill your database with qualified leads?

While Julie generates leads by rocking out (and a few well-placed Post-It notes), we recommend you check out the strategies, best practices, and thought leadership found in our Definitive Guide to Lead Generation. But before you dive in, check out the music video — who knew generating leads could be so fun?

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Gotta get lead lead lead lead generation
‘Cause I need need need need ROI
Gonna be part of the Marketing Nation
‘Cause the only leads I want are qualified

Been searching high, been searching low
Got to combine all the channels that I know


Been searching far, been searching wide
You’ll be a superstar with automation by your side


Gonna use multi-channel with a link to everything
Attract my leads with inbound marketing
Magnetizing content will boost my SEO
Because I will align it with my social pages, yo

Like a furry little puppy in a pretty purple collar
My landing page is social too, lemme get a holla!
I’m gonna test it all, test it all, everything I do
Take a journey in the funnel
Take a journey in the funnel
Take a journey in the funnel
On my way to BOFU

I’m getting close now!