How to Define the Lead of Your Company’s Dreams [Infographic]

Demand Generation


Defining the perfect leads for your company is like setting up a perfect blind date. Is he up to your company’s standards? Does she have similar interests, or will the conversation fall flat? Is he even “on the market”? Will there be any chemistry?

Most importantly, if you give their phone numbers (or email addresses) to the sales team, will the sales team actually ask them for a date? Remember, your leads needs to be a perfect match for your whole company — not just the marketing team. Sometimes a lead who seems like a “catch” to marketing is a dud from the sales team’s perspective; sometimes a lead who seems “just okay” becomes a customer who lasts a lifetime.

That’s why coming to an agreed-upon lead definition is essential to a successful lead generation strategy. If you stop wasting the sales team’s time with unattractive leads, you’ll improve the odds of a happy union. Find out how to define your company’s perfect match with our new infographic: “How to Define the Lead of Your Company’s Dreams”.

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How to Define the Lead of Your Companys Dreams Infographic

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