Evolution of the Selfie-Obsessed Generation [Infographic]



2013 was the year of the selfie. The term was added to the Oxford English Dictionary and deemed their “word of the year”! Most people think that the selfie was invented just a short time ago when Instagram rose to popularity, but it has actually had a long and fruitful past. Think Van Gogh’s self-portraits, the first self-taken Polaroids, and pixelated flip phone photos! But selfies have really turned a new leaf in today’s digital, photo-obsessed world, and people have invented a plethora of new selfies — the sleeping selfie, muscle-man selfie, no-makeup selfie, the food selfie, and more.

For marketers, the rise of the selfie indicates that today’s consumer is moving closer and closer towards imagery as a primary form of self-expression. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter are becoming the top channels where people are consuming and sharing visual, and very personalized content. By looking at the extreme popularity of selfies and photo-sharing as a preferred communication method, marketers can learn a lot about how to connect with consumers on a deeper, more emotional level.

Check out today’s fun infographic to learn all about the evolution of the selfie, then delve deeper into today’s selfie-obsessed world with some of the hottest, most sought-after selfie formats. #selfiesforlife, #therecanneverbetoomany.

Evolution of the Selfie Infographic

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