You Know You’re an Email Marketer When…

Email Marketing


1. You take unsubscribes personally:

  • 1 how rude gif


2. You get extremely excited over a good click-through rate:

2 minion gif


3. You feel superior if a competitor sends out an email with a typo in it:

3 judging you gif


4. But when you do…

4 crushed gif


5. You enjoy watching your co-workers debate which subject line is better:

5 jon stewart gif


6. You feel a sense of satisfaction when you get conclusive results from an A/B test:

6 t rex gif


7. …But if they aren’t what you were expecting:

what is happening


8. You’re overcome with despair if you accidentally send an email to the wrong list  segmentation:

8 despair panda gif


9. You long for that moment when inspiration hits:

9 inspiration tom hanks gif

 10. And nothing beats the feeling when someone compliments a campaign you ran:

10 liz lemon high five gif