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[Storybook] Oh, the Content You’ll Create and Haiku Contest


As you embark on your content expedition, your business may undergo a huge transition!
The journey might be long and filled with many bumps,
But don’t be deterred by those stumps and those thumps and those slumps.
Before you know it, your content will be epic — think electric, energetic and even poetic!

Check out our new storybook, Oh, the Content You’ll Create! You’ll take a magical journey, making the leap from promotional to educational content. Learn how you can build your content marketing dream team, focus on thought leadership, humanize your brand, and more.

mkto haiku contest

Inspired? Creative juices flowing? Enter our awesome haiku contest! For the next four weeks, we will choose one topic per week, and you will submit your haiku on that topic. Submit your haiku on Twitter, using the hashtag #mktohaiku. We will choose two winners per week, who will be featured in one of Marketo’s upcoming infographics, along with their winning haiku and a custom avatar. Take a look at the full contest rules here.

Oh, the content you will create! Don’t worry friend, you too can be first rate. And at the end of your journey you soon will find, content is more than a tactic — it really is a state of mind.

Check out the slide deck Oh, the Content You’ll Create.