Bringing Pinterest to Life – 3 Social Media Lessons from Nordstrom

Social Media Marketing


The holidays have officially arrived, and social media is surely making a statement in the retail world. If you’ve begun your Christmas shopping or were brave enough to battle the crowds of Black Friday, you may have noticed little tags with a red “P” in certain stores — specifically at Nordstrom.

In June, Nordstrom announced that they’ll be arranging their displays based on Pinterest activity on their products. The Pinterest logo has now been placed on items that were most frequently “pinned” on visually-driven social networks. Here are 3 tips we can learn from this social media and retail collaboration:

1) Don’t Do Social, Be Social

Not only is Nordstrom doing social — they’re being social. If they were just “doing” social, they might have created a Pinterest account and pinned a few new items here and there, which is what most retailers do. But at Marketo, we like to say that instead of running social campaigns, you should make every campaign social. By integrating their audience’s Pinterest activity with in-store displays, Nordstrom is doing just that — making social channels a part of the physical shopping experience.

2) Listen to Your Audience

Instead of simply using Pinterest to promote their brand, Nordstrom is using Pinterest to find out what their customers want. They aren’t just talking — they’re listening. If thousands of people pinned a specific pair of shoes to their boards, it’s fair to predict that it’ll be a pretty popular item this season. Not only are they acknowledging how popular certain items are, they’re also giving special attention to the most relevant items. When it comes to social media, give your audience what they actually want. If a post about a certain topic receives a ton of engagement, you’re going to want to keep it coming.

3) Know Where Your Audience Is

According to Nordstrom’s corporate affairs representative, Pinterest is their fastest growing social channel, with over 4.5 million followers and growing. Nordstrom knows where their customers are. In marketing, we often don’t pay enough attention to social media channels, but do your research before weeding channels out. At Marketo, we’ve found that social marketing is a powerful lead generation tool. Find out what works for your company — you might be surprised.

Hats off to Nordstrom for truly utilizing the power of social media. While they have yet to release the results of their efforts, I personally think this a great idea. I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict and shopaholic — if my pins affect what stores have in stock, that’s a pretty cool concept.

Would seeing a Pinterest logo on items make you more likely to buy it? Are you using Pinterest in your marketing, and do you think this is a good strategy? Share your thoughts below.