You Know You Work in PR When…

Modern Marketing


1. You tell people that PR stands for “Public Relations,” but they have no idea what you do.

you tell people you work in PR


2. So you make an awkward joke about having a “BS” in PR.

shrek laughing


3. You’re obsessed with Brian Solis’ insights about Diedre Breakenridge’s book, “PR 2.0.”

i'm cray for it


4. You’re an expert at “crisis management,” and feel like you are constantly saving the day.

you're not hardcore

 5. You feel super cool because you are close friends with writers and publishers from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes magazine.

bill murray tuxedo

6. You carry yourself with grace when dealing with media, analysts, or influencers because it can affect the reputation of the company (or end up on Twitter).

angelina jolie graceful smile

7. You’re frustrated by the ongoing debate about the value of press releases  because that’s what most of your time is spent doing.

mtv frustrated face

8. You are constantly editing PR materials to make sure they aren’t filled with marketing buzzwords.

joey blah blah blah

9. This is how you feel when a press release has a spelling error or a missing punctuation mark:

anguish no

10. You’re the company gatekeeper for what is approved to be said or published.

do not approve justin timberlake

11. You consider yourself the company storyteller.

throwing confetti

12. Which is true, because you tell the story of all the awesome things going on in your company.

oprah hand clasp

13. You get extra excited when you hear about a new customer success story that would totally get picked up by media.

andy parks and recreation excited

14. Especially when the customer is willing to tell it with you. After all, they’re your best advocates and the most important aspect of your business!

little mermaid ariel