You Know You’re a Content Marketer When…

Content Marketing


1. You get excited about the prospect of proofreading a 20-page document.


2. And then you can’t stop complaining about all of the typos and grammar issues.

mean girls

3. You refer to all written material as content.

mean girls 2

4. And then you don’t understand why people have no clue what you are talking about.

breaking bad

5. You take it personally when your content has poor conversion rates.

the heat

6. You are constantly talking about thought leadership, MOFU, TOFU, and mapping to the funnel.


7. Your friends have no clue what “content marketing” is, so you tell your friends you are a professional writer.

jim carey

8. Infographics and slide decks make you giddy.

i'm ready to party bridesmaids

9. You stay awake at night thinking about how you’re going to create 5 eBooks by the end of the month.

home alone

10. Because you know when you come in the next morning, everyone will be asking you for them.

office space

11. But when they do, you’ll be like:

do i look fazed