Email Marketing

Power to the Marketer: Introducing Marketo’s New Dialog Edition


<Begin sales pitch>

Today, Marketo announced the Dialog Edition, which will help B2B and B2C email marketers enter the wonderful world of marketing automation.  The Dialog Edition offers email marketers a path that leads away from batch and blast emails, and toward automated campaigns, engaging content, real-time triggers, and multi-channel marketing.

</End sales pitch>.

OK, great.  But the real question is: why did we build it?  And the answer is that we’re putting more power in the hands of the marketer.

In the past few years, Marketo has built a bunch of technology around triggering, nurturing, and integrating multi-channel marketing (among other things).  And everything Marketo builds is intended to be used by a marketer.  Take our Customer Engagement Engine as an example.  Before CEE, building complex nurturing flows often ranked between “wisdom tooth extraction” and “listening to a 3-year-old practice the drums” on the official list of things people hate. And so we approached the problem from a marketer’s perspective – we made it our goal to create complex nurturing without all the hassle.

The Dialog Edition is all about putting these advanced capabilities in the hands of marketers who are ready for them.  The Dialog Edition empowers a group of marketers – the ones who are begging for the freedom and control to easily create awesome, advanced campaigns. These marketers can start with email marketing, but will benefit from a tight integration with other channels, all without the high overhead attached to many marketing automation systems.  For example, the Dialog Edition isn’t about driving sales and marketing alignment, or about analyzing lead flow through a funnel; those are problems that Marketo’s existing products already solve. The Dialog edition is about creating conversations between marketers and buyers.

In short, there are 3 things we think all marketers should have, whether it’s in Marketo’s existing products or the Dialog Edition:

1)  We believe you can automate everything

Well, almost everything.  Ongoing, automated campaigns save marketers time, and get us away from the “wash, rinse, repeat” of batch email campaigns.  There will still be times when a batch campaign is right (like when Marketo wanted to share the news of our IPO with all of our customers).  But with easy automation, batch emails should be the exception, not the norm.

Of course, there’s a downside. Once the machines start sending our emails, we’re only 2 or 3 steps away from a Terminator-esque dystopia.  But we hope marketers are willing to chance it.

2)  Triggered emails are more timely than batch emails

Real-time triggers have long been a part of the marketing automation world (we use them to kick off things like sales alerts or changing lead scores), but they also add a lot of power and flexibility to email campaigns.  One challenge in the email world has been the effort required to set them up (or, God forbid, change them).  But by using the marketing automation approach to email campaigns, through drag and drop triggers, that investment is greatly minimized. Marketers now have the flexibility to deploy and change them as they see fit.

Now, in the words of Peter Parker’s uncle, “With great power comes great responsibility.” In other words, we shouldn’t immediately become Big Brother – no need to send a “we’re watching you” email to everyone who visits your website, as much fun as that would be.  But we think there’s a happy middle ground.

3)  Email is better when you let it out of its cage

Email that’s integrated with the web or social (or both) is better than email that’s trapped in a silo.  Multi-channel, symbiotic campaigns are more effective than single-channel campaigns, whether its web and social activity driving email opens, or emails driving web and social.  But it requires a single system that integrates a person’s activity across all of these channels, which is where the Dialog Edition comes in.

In short, like Abbott and Costello, Rocky and Mick, or Harry and Lloyd, marketing channels are better together than they are apart.

And with that, we bring to you our Dialog edition. Get the full scoop on features, pricing, and packages here.